Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Friday

It has been another fun week.  One highlight is that I have been able to set up some time helping out at local horse stables to learn about horses and do some volunteer work.  This past week was our first and we all loved it, although it was pretty cold!   Faye and Clark keep asking me how many days until we go back.  I hope it continues to work out well.  I've never seen my children so excited to scoop up something!

One superb parenting moment this week was when I arrived home to find Faye in the backyard dressed like this.  It was around 40 degrees outside at the time (notice snow on ground).  Apparently the older kids went out and she wanted to go too so out she went.  Luckily I was only gone for 5 minutes to pick up another child from an afternoon class and she had only been out for about 5 minutes.  I promise you, I promptly brought her in and put her in pants, socks, boots, hat and coat with gloves and THEN sent her back out.  Whew.  No extra charge for awesomeness.
It was a fantastick week for artwork.
 And jumping on the trampoline.
 Harrassing each other?  Well, we do that everyday.  So it's just good old normal stuff around here.
I walk in charity.  I keep walking in charity.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Live your life the best way you know how to live it

I have had a few experiences this past week that have shown me how much each of us truly matter, and that they way we live our life matters.  I don't mean this in a huge sense, as far as globally I have VERY little effect on what happens in this huge wide world.  I am one of the many tiny grains of sand that make up all of God's children.  Yet in the place where I live, in the circle that I stand in, for the people I take care of on a daily basis, I am the world.

It matters then so very much that each day I live with purpose and that I do my best at being me and at living a wonderful life.  I've realized that not very many people talk about this, or talk about it like it's such a real thing.  Well if we are going through life not telling our stories and not sharing what we have learned from our journey thus far, what are we talking about?

All I know is this:  Talking about things that matter to me and living my life like they matter is making me happier.  It is helping my family to learn more together and it is drawing other people into my life who want to talk 'real' about what they want out of life and to ask questions about what matters.

It is making me realize that the way I spend my time every day matters very much to the people I have influence over.  It matters if I pick my daughter up when she asks me to hold her, even when there is a hot pan on the stove and company on it's way for dinner.  It matters because it shows her that SHE matters.  I've noticed that when I pick her up she doesn't always want to be held for very long.  So what if I pushed her away when I could have make her supremely happy in less than 5 minutes?  When I ask my children to show me things and go over things with me they know that how they do their work matters to me, therefore it should matter to them even when they think nobody is looking.

I hope you are living your life in the best way that you know how.  I hope that it is making you happy to live the way you are living.
Sailing On,

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Photo Friday

It is saturday now but here goes this week's edition of Photo Friday.

I find it hilarious that Faye rides her 'pony' with one hand up as if she is bull riding. 
And these pockets are a favorite.  She LOVES them.

I walk in charity.  I keep walking in charity. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Stock Show and Rodeo 2014

Of course we couldn't miss the stock show and rodeo again this year!  We may or may not have loaded a few children up with cough drops, vapor rub, and cough syrup before we headed out the door.  The tickets had been purchased far in advance and we were on a front row so we didn't cough on anyone. :)

I was really sad when we arrived to realize that I had forgotten to put a memory card back in my camera {who does that?} so I had to resort to phone photos only.  Huge bummer.  I still got some fun shots.

Emma received some great comments on her turquoise and pink boots, which she recently painted herself.  She had black hand me down boots from her brother and so rather than spending the $60 on getting her new spicy boots like she wanted I suggested that she just paint them.  She was happy with the compromise and I must say they do look pretty awesome.

Faye was hilarious with this singing area they had set up for kids.  They had the gangam style song made into 'farmer style' and she stood up there and danced and sang the entire time.  We all had big smiles after that.

It was a late night but worth it to go to one of the finals nights so we saw all qualifiying rides and more of a competition.  I'm not sure why I love the rodeo so much but I sure do.  I guess I'm a cowgirl at heart.

Can't wait for the summer rodeo season!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wiped Out

It's amazing what nearly a week's worth of waking up every 1.5 hours at night can do to you.  It can knock you out, drag you and down, and leave you wondering what in the world has happened to your life.

For some reason we have stayed sick since the week before Christmas.  It could be worse, I recognize that.

However, it is getting tiresome and I think my family wants to have the old me back, the one who previously slept at night and only woke up one or two times with children as opposed to 8 or 10 or 14 times {last night}.  At 2 am I finally just called it quits and took Faye downstairs and put on the movie Cinderella.  Finally, I thought she will fall asleep.  Don't believe that for one second.  She talked to me about every image in that movie for the duration of it {look mom, the birdies are wearing pink hats, my favorite color}.   While she is adorable, I'm beginning to feel that she isn't quite as cute at midnight, 1:20am, 2:00am, 4:00am, and 5:15 am.

On the brighter side, I squeezed in a ton of sewing this week {being quaranteened at home and all}, I drank a lot of hot chocolate {thank you January for the cold that reminds me that I could live on tomato basil soup and hot chocoalte}, I snuggled and help feverish kiddos who don't usually climb up on my lap any longer, I taught my daugher how to bake bread, and I did stay on top of the laundry {well, it's all washed, and folded.  tomorrow it will get put away}.

I spent a lot of time thinking about my Savior, Jesus Christ since that is the lesson I was teaching in Relief Society this week.  I was reminded how he saves me on a daily basis and how I can live the life I life because of grace.  I was reminded that kindness is always the best way and that walking in the Love of the Christ can fill us up when we are depleted.

I took a lot of photographs and have stayed on top of my 365 project.  I watched many TED talks and have had my mind expand further about the possibilities of homeschool, or hackschool, or whatever you want to call it.

I had some great visits with friends that left me feeling cheerful and ready to get back to work.

And while I'm still praying for a full night's sleep for tonight;  I'm feeling super grateful for the life I have.  I'm also wondering what I can do to make sure I continue to walk toward the life I want to lead, to make mindful decisios with my time and resources.

I walk in charity,   I keep walking in charity.

Sailing on,

Friday, January 10, 2014

Photo Friday

I love how my friend Rosalene is labeling her project 365 photos with the numbers on top counting the days.  Here are a few of my favorites from the first 10 days of the new year.

Sailing On, 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Her Big Self

This little lady is pretty fun right now.  I'm in denial just a bit about her being 2 now and not being my little baby.  Sometimes I call her my baby and so she started saying to me "I'm not a baby, I'm a big self. "  It's pretty cute.  When we ask her if she needs help with things she says "I can do it.  I'm my own big self."
When I was walking home from the sledding hill with her the other day and I turned and saw her making her own path through the front yard and saw her tall shadow out in front of her it made me think of her being her own big self.

She can pedal her tricycle now, although it's pretty hard if there is any type of incline.  She prefers to rest her feet on the pedals and have them go around while I continue to power the tricycle by holding onto one of the handles.  

Oh, and she has sledding figured out too.  She holds on tightly when we get the bottom of the hill and says 'now you pull me up'.  
I love her! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year

 Here comes 2014.
And I'm more excited than I have ever been before to greet a new year.

I've lost my voice a little bit here on the blog this year and I'm feeling stronger and ready to get it back a little bit.  On the one hand I feel like I have been on the blog less because I have been present so much more in my REAL life, on the other hand I miss doing some writing here for nothing other than my own record keeping and photos for relatives to see.  Sometimes it just feels good to sit down and type, and since I try to practice my photo skills (or lack thereof) on my children on a regular basis, it's fun to put some up here as well.

I have a new approach to this new year.  One that I should have taken a long time ago.  Kurt and I are focusing on ONE wildly important goal this year.  I'm focusing on ONE wildly important goal this year personally.  I'm going to be my best self.  I know it's broad.  I know it doesn't seem like much.  But I have questions to ask myself every day.  Many of these questions are ones that I have learned from Melody Ross and from Brave Girl Camp.  Many I have adapted to fit my own personal circumstances and my desires for the new year.

I believe there are little changes we can make every single day.  It is easier for me to make these changes when I remind myself that every 5 minutes matter, every 15 mintues can make a difference.
This year I choose to walk in charity.  I keep walking in charity.  Charity to me is the pure love of Jesus Christ.  This means that not only do I need to walk in the love that Christ has for me - so that I can remain filled and whole and be able to give to others, but also that I give that love to others because Christ so fully gives it to me.  My best self this year will be discovered as I walk in charity.

I hope your new year is awesome.  I hope you are excited about it.  I hope you love your life and are thankful for where you are at this time.   Here are a few of the questions that are helping me to make good choices each day.

Will working on this bring joy to those I love most?
Will spending time on this goal bring me personal satisfaction and peace?
Am I setting this goal to please me most authentic self or am I setting it for others ot see my accomplishments?
Is this goal worthy of my sacred energy, patience, and time?
Am I willing to let other things go that are not necessary in my life if thati s what I must do to be able to reach this goal?
Will I be able to keep my promises to those I love if I set this goal?
Will this goal challenge me to be better or will it keep me comfortable?
Am I making this goal from fear or from faith?

Those are just a few of my favorites from a 2 page list I typed up yesterday to use in my journaling and also this week when I have some ladies over to work on goals as well.  I have started having ladies over every month to discuss, support, and strengthen each other.  I'm so happy that I've started it and I have a huge vision for where that can go.

Another thing I'm working on this year is taking more photos.  I've neglected my photography skills and I want to practice again.  I want to learn new angles and new tricks so I've been getting the camera out every day.  My new take on project 365 this year is to make a 365 (a photo for every day of the year) book for each of my children.  This is a big project but it fits perfectly with spending time with my family and working on my photo skills so I feel it is a worthy one.   As each month progresses I will work on the book pages in memory mixer rather than leaving it all to the end of the year to complete.  That way when the end of year arrives (as it does all too quickly) my final task will be to send it to printing… not to begin putting it all together.  

Happy, Happy New Year.

I walk in charity.  I keep walking in charity.