Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I put white lights up on the porch for the birthday celebrations and I figured they can stay until New Years at this point.  The last few strings that I still need to put up are waiting for me in this bucket.  My children plugged them in.  Magic, just like that!  I love being a mom.
Sailing On,

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The first wave of November

   November is a fun month around here.  We celebrate three birthdays, our wedding anniversary, and Thanksgiving.  Add to that the baby blessing for Sheffield and it's a pretty amazing month.

   I keep trying to replay the events of last sunday in my mind so I can memorize them to perfection.  We had a really sweet blessing for Sheffield and I could feel the spirit calming and brining peace.  I loved seeing the cirlce of Priesthood standing there in my home.

  Then we had a great dinner with so many people we love.  Grandma and Grandpa Smith brought a delicious smoked turkey that we all loved.

   After dinner we celebrated Faye's birthday.  She loved every second of it.  With every gift that she opened she was hugging it, jumping up and down and dancing around singing 'yea yea yea!'  She made all of us laugh so much so hard that my cheecks hurt from smiling so much.  I haven't had that problem in a long time.  She opened cards and then sat down and read for a good 90 seconds out loud things like 'I love you Faye.  Happy Birthday to you and your horse Maca.  I hope you have a fun time. '  It was SO funny.  Of course she has no idea how to read but she just acted like she could and it was awesome.  Maca, by the way, is her imaginary horse that she rides all over the house.  She is such an energetic fun girl to have around.  It was delightful for me as a mother to see the way my other children gathered around her and cheered her on.  No one felt like it was unfair that all of the attention was on her and they enjoyed watching her show as much as I did.  They are a pretty incredible bunch of people.  At one point Faye hugged a mini candy bar that she received from her cousin, Elsie.  The Olsen family gave her a purple tutu wrapped up in a baby wipes box.  When she tore off the wrapping paper and saw the wipes box she jumped up and cheered "yea, wipes!".  It must be true that happiess is a state of being because Faye was happy with the baby wipes:)  When the box was opened and she saw the tutu she was ecstatic.
I'm sure feeling blessed. 
Sailing On,