Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I'm optimistic about the new year.  I just know that one of these mornings we are going to wake up to healed bodies and no more sickness.  I just know that I will be able to take a break from the worry of hospital visits and repeat surgeries.

I'm not sure exactly what the new year holds for me or for my family but I'm thankful for the fresh start that is included with the turning of the calendar.  And it's a good reminder to me that any day we decided to begin again it can be day 1.  So when, come March, I find myself too far from where I had hoped to be in the new year I will begin again and that is ok.  I hope you give yourself that grace as well.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tis' the Season

I love how the Christmas season brings out such great imagination and play with my children.  I love how Emma and Faye made a stable and manger for Sheffield to lay in.  Classic.  There is something so magical about having a small baby at Christmas time to remind us of Jesus Christ as a baby.  It always makes me see Mary in a whole new light and to think about what she truly endured and the circumstances she was in.

I also love my 'help' in the kitchen.  Faye helped me for about an hour just rolling around some dough and adding huge amounts of flour to it as she played.  This brings back such good memories of doing the same thing in the kitchen with my mother and I hope it gives my children a desire to learn how to cook good food and not be afraid to try new things.  

I love these adorable faces!
Sailing through December faster than I would like,

Monday, December 15, 2014

Rain, Snow or Shine

A few months ago I decided that we would take a self-timer family photo every week after church.  It is amazing to see already how much everyone is growing and how quickly the little ones change.  TO say that my children are not thrilled about this would be accurate.  Especially yesterday when it was snowing.  I'm hoping we made a memory too.  And for some crazy reason I also think in some small way it teaches them that they are what is most important to me.

This holiday season we asked each of them what is the number one thing that matters the most to them for it to feel like Christmas.  It's amazing how many 'running around crazy' type of things can drop off the list when we are reminded that what they care about the most is decorating the tree together as a family, reading a Christmas story together every night, and driving around our neighborhood to look at lights.  The only other big request was to go ice skating.  My children are such a good reminder to me that what they love is feeling safe, warm, and loved.  They don't need it all, they just need what matters most.

Happy Holidays!