Thursday, February 26, 2009

Clark is a Superstar!!!

Clark deserves an award!  He has gained 9 ounces in the past 7 days!  IT'S WORKING!!!  I am so happy to have him growing and gaining weight!  He is moving around more, sleeping more, and SMILING!  I am pretty good now at putting in the tube, as he has managed to grab it and pull it out a few times now.  Kurt has been helping a lot with changing his feeds out at night so I am getting  a little bit more sleep which is wonderful.  

Life is such a crazy adventure.  I am thankful for Clark and am relieved to see him moving forward.  He has had a pretty rough first 3 months of life and I can only imagine how much better he feels to have food being absorbed into his body!  yea!  

Christian and Emma have been great helpers too and love Clark so much.  They keep a lookout for him to make sure he has his pacifier and that his feeding tube is in the right place.  It has changed the routine for all of us.  But, as Christian told his dad the other day 
"That's just the way life is."  Such wise words for a 4 year old!  
I'm pretty sure he has heard his mom say that when he tells her that he just "doesn't feel like putting his clothes away."  Maybe they DO listen to me?

Monday, February 23, 2009

6 things tag from my sister

ok if you get tagged I guess you are supposed to :
 - post the rules on your blog
- list 6 random things about yourself
- tag 6 people at the end of your post
- let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

6 random things about me: 

1.  I LOVE bright colors.  love .  love .  love.  almost every room in my house is a different color.  and none of them are very subtle.  :)

2.  My favorite thing to do when driving in the car without my children is to listen to MY music.  REALLY LOUD.  And I wonder why the kids are always saying 'turn it up, turn it up!'

3.   I'm a garden/plant/flowers nerd.  I love to read about gardening, growing most anything and am constantly attempting to grow a variety of things myself.  I like to seed my flowers and save them for the next year and have been known to pocket seeds from flowers found in parks and other places... don't tell!

4.  My favorite snack is cheese and crackers. 

5.  I secretly think my children are the cutest in the world. (not so secret any more!)

6.  I'm tired!!!

ok I am going to tag Courtney, Melanie, Kate, Rosalene and well thats it.  

Emma is 2 and other recent blessings....

Yes, Emma is officially 2 years old (and in my humble but accurate opinion quite possibly the cutest two year old around right now!)
Her most favorite thing right now is the Ponyville My

 Little Ponies.  After breakfast we asked her if she wanted to open a gift before Madeline and Savanna left for school.

  She said, and I quote, "Sure, if it's ponies!"  

Lucky for Emma it was ponies and the rest of the day she told me over and over "thanks for opening ponies Mom."  SO CUTE!!!  
For her birthday dinner we had all Emma's favorites:  HOT DOGS (she will eat most meat if you tell her it tastes like a hot dog), strawberries, bread, and chips with salsa.  I made
 the hot dogs as pigs in a blanket hoping it would help the rest of the family get through the meal ok.  They were easy and turned out great.  Emma (of course, after all that work!)  immediately peeled the bread off of hers so she could eat it the right way!  Grandma Smith made Emma her own little purse/church bag which she enjoyed carrying around for the better part of an hour.  I love that she has to hold her arm up to keep it on her shoulder!!  I made my best attempt at a Ponyville cake for her and the awesome thing about being 2 is that you are happy and thankful for what you get... and she was.  It was very sweet.  Emma was lucky enough to celebrate two nights in a row, one with our great neighbors and the next with Grandma and Grandpa Sheffield.  Blowing out the candles was a joint effort - good thing she has siblings to help with that.  We had such a great time celebrating Emma turning 2!!! 

And.. .
 We are so thankful that Clark and I are home from the hospital!!  Here is a photo of what his feeding tube is like - it is  a GN tube that goes in the nose, down the throat and ends at the lower part of his stomach.  This tube has allowed him to be on a continuous 24 hour drip feed, supplied by a pump.  It basically works like an Iv but pumps milk instead.  So far he has gained nearly 2 ounces, which is HUGE cause for celebration!!  Every 7 days we will move the tube to the other side of the nose to prevent infection and major irritation of the tissues and muscles.  I did this for the first time on saturday before leaving the hospital and went through all the teaching.  It is not fun but I'm thankful that I can manage it at home and that he is now able to gain weight and have his body be strengthened.  It is amazing how much happier he is and he is like a new person!  We have even had some smiles and have eliminated the hours of nonstop crying.   In a few weeks we will try to move off the non-stop feeds to bolus feeds and hope he can tolerate that well.  And of course we hope that in the coming months he will be able to have his stomach and other muscles grow strong enough to tolerate eating through his mouth again and ditching the GN tube!  Thanks so much for all the help and prayers and well wishes.  I am so thankful that he does not have a serious illness and will be able to grow and develop from here on out! 

Here's to having a productive week at home taking care of Clark and getting into a new routine!  this has been very hard, but we are still sailing on!  

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Catching Up

Still life by Madeline

Salt Fish by Savanna

 I think my kids create the coolest art.  Seriously.  I LOVE what they do at school,  I love having them paint and color at home and I love watching them do it.  They have made some really neat pieces that i want to get framed for the house.  yesterday they were painting valentines.  so cute.  
I overheard the FUNNIEST thing tonight!  I asked the kids to do a "5 minute room rescue" of the family room so they could earn dessert.  THey were excited and ran into the room to clean up.  A few minutes into the process I hear Christian exclaim "I can't believe we are actually WORKING, we are AMAZING!"  It was So funny.  I could agree with him on the actually working part - it would not hurt my feelings if there were more of that going on around here! 
Last week we took the kids on a picnic to a park in the valley and there were all these deer right next to the playground.  It was really fun and the kids loved to see them.  Then we stopped at another park where these huge elk were about 20 yards away from the playground - it is always fun to see amazing things like this and to be reminded of the beauties and wonders of this earth!  Emma wanted to go pet them so I promptly picked her up and held her until we left!