Monday, November 28, 2011

Flying Lessons

Lesson 31:
Life is fragile.  Life is Precious.  Life is unpredictable.  Life is beautiful.
A wonderful woman whom I love and admire was killed in a car accident last night.  She has had a great influence on my life for 15+ years.  This has given me pause.  I am blessed in my life to know many great women (many of whom I am releated to) and to have them influence my life for good.  If you will excuse me now I need to get to work on being more like them and less like my grouchy old self.
Sailing on,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Growing up

With her birthday quickly approaching, I have been reflecting on the growing up of my oldest child.  I wouldn't say she has been an easy child; yet she is awesome.  She is smart and creative.  She is a great student.  We have our fair share of power struggles and sassy backtalk; all the while she is quite helpful and takes upon herself the job of looking out for her younger siblings.  I am so thankful she has yet to be caught up in being overly worried about her appearance and clothing and all of that.  I know it will come at some point; but I'm glad it hasn't yet.  I think she's beautiful.

Being the oldest child is tricky; I've realized  I send her mixed messages all of the time.  Some of the time I'm telling her to enjoy being a kid and not to worry so much and over-anayze.  Then other times I ask for her help and expect quite a bit from her as she IS the oldest.  It takes a special personality to be the oldest child and I'm sure she will be ok in spite of my trial by error learning mothering experience.  She is excited to be turning 11 this month and I am excited for her.  She is a great kid!  

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today I had the chance to take some photos of these adorable children.   In the 45 minutes that we were taking pictures we went from wind, snow, rain and back to wind and rain again.  They were troopers!  I have a friend to thank for allowing me to borrow her camera, as my repair says it will be 12 days before I get it back!  (that sounds like an eternity to me!)

If you need family photos give me a call!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day.

It was a huge relief to me in so many ways.  Madeline was supposed to be on her way to the mountains for Outdoor Ed for 2 days and 2 nights.  I wasn't very excited about the prospect of her having a two hour bus ride in a blizzard or being stuck far away from me.  The trip is pushed back to next week and I'm relieved.
It was wonderful to sleep in until 7 and have hot cocoa and breakfast cake and not leave the house.  The day was a perfect mixture of productivity, play, and rest.  I worked to finish up some projects I have had going on for way too long.   I did laundry (which is a constant).  I cleaned a bit.  I dressed kids to go out in the snow (which takes longer than they play outside sometimes.)  Funny how that works.  We made pumpkin cookies.  We watched a movie.  The kids played in the snow for most of the day.  Sometimes it surprises me how long Christian and Savanna will stay out there.  I'm glad they can enjoy it so much and use their imagination to build all kinds of piles of snow which serve different purposes.  Apparently this particular pile is for rolling off of.

 I have great memories of playing in the snow as a child and it makes me happy to see my children doing the same.
Now I need to adjust my thinking to get back on track for the remainder of the week!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

I am one of those mothers who doesn't love Halloween.  How awful, I know.  I don't decorate for it and I find the whole thing a bit tiresome and wasteful.  What to do with that obscene amount of candy?
I require my children to come up with costumes from what I have, or something we can make.  In years past we have been creative and had some really fun things.  This year we went with easy.  Madeline wore her stop sign that I made a few years ago (huge score for me!), Emma was a ballerina and everyone else was a cowboy or cowgirl.  The weather was beautiful and this is the first time my children have really gotten into trick or treating around the neighborhood.  I am not kidding when I say I think each of their bags weighed 15 - 20 pounds.

Thankfully, the Halloween Fairy came last night and traded their candy for books and stickers.  Several of the children informed me today that next year they will not be participating with the Halloween Fairy  but will be hiding their stash from her instead.  Hmmmm, we will have to see about that.
It was a fun day.  I'm glad it's over.  I'm looking forward to children who are not on a constant sugar high.