Friday, May 27, 2011

Ahhhh Summertime!

School is out for SUMMER!
Can you tell it was abuse the dress code day?

And the mom couldn't be more relieved.

The kids look pretty happy about it too!

Happy summer days,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Flying Lessons

Lesson 14:
When Life feels really extra hard; it's most likely because I am doing something wrong.

which is probably why I have been assigned to talk in church about how the gospel of Jesus Christ brings Rest Unto our Souls.

Sometimes I do a good job of being Brave; facing life's challenges with a smile and putting all my faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  Other times I forget that I get to have this choice every day and I get stuck in dark and dreary places; I forget that HIS promise is :

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Is there any one of us who is not heavy laden?
Why did I forget again?
digging out,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Photo Favorite

Who knew that cleaning out the paint gun could be so fun?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tough {teeth} luck!

Savvie has been telling me for a few nights now that her jaw has been hurting.  Like the good mother that I am, (ha ha ha) I have been telling her to take an ibuprofen and go to bed, or get a drink, or try not to grind her teeth at night.  When I picked her up from school yesterday afternoon one side of her face was swollen to a gigantic, abnormal size and I asked her what she was sucking on.
"Um, nothing Mom, my jaw just hurts!"
Yikes.  Ok, sorry I haven't been listening (but seriously, someone ALWAYS has something that hurts, sometimes you don't know what is legit).  I immediately called the dentist who worked her in last night.  She had a large abcess tooth pulled and a spacer put in.  What a { NOT } fun night { again } for Savanna.
She seems to have bad teeth luck.  Actually, it's a fact.

This morning when she told me it hurt too much to go to school I listened!  :)
Then she remembered that her dad was signed up to go on a field trip with her to Wings over the Rockies so she got up and got ready to go with him to that!  I guess it doesn't hurt bad enough to miss that, although she still has chipmonk cheeks.  Poor Girl!
Sailing on,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Making progress

As I have mentioned before, this yard has a lot of rock.   I'm not a huge fan of rock - I know there is all that harra harra for zeroscaping but I just can't live that way.  Not to mention that weeds LOVE the rock.  This front yard strip started out like this:

These are the only plants in the yard.  9 of them.  I'm ok with salvia; but I tend to like a more wild look mixed together as well.  Moving all the rock isn't much fun; so I have moved rock; planted some things - section by section to keep myself motivated.  Whatever works, right?
I think we're making progress; don't you?  It's hard to tell what is happening because I planted a lot of things from seed (so much less expensive and I had saved seeds from previous years!)   delphenium, lavender, helibore, lupine, rosemary, candytuft, snapdragons, flowering sweet pea, sedum, thyme, peony all coming up from seed, also Montana wildflowers from my brother in law's wedding last year!  Also a friend allowed me to help her divide her iris and now I have some of her lovelies in my yard too!  Next year I will have much more happening, I hope!  

Happy last 5 days of school left! (to me! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Flying Lessons

Lesson 13:

Grab a good book.
 It's amazing how much my children (and I) look forward to reading together.  I admit, sometimes I feel lazy and just want to turn on a movie for them to watch.  However, since we don't have cable or a very large collection of dvd's, there isn't much to see.  Most days and nights I spend time reading with them, and we both love this time.

I have recently been reading some young adult/juvenile chapter books to preview them for my children.  There are a few of them I am head over heels for; one being

imgres.jpegEach little Bird that Sings. 

I admit reading this book makes me want to have a daugher and name her Comfort.  Seriously.  I have enjoyed her as a character almost as much as I loved Clementine! 

This book is one that Clark asks for multiple times a day.  My other children have loved it at this stage as well, and I really enjoy reading it.  

try it, I promise you will never be sad when you curl up with people you love, and a good book! 
ps.  In this photo I AM holding my phone; but I promise we were reading scriptures on it!  :)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shining stars

This week we had Savanna's recorder performance at the school the same night as the art show.  Madeline was sad that we could never find where in the school her piece was pinned up - I guess it got mixed up with another class; but hey, if she wasn't sad about that she would have just found something else to be upset about!

The recorder performance was really fun, when that many students are playing together it sounds spectacular!

Madeline had her chance to shine today during her piano recital.  She did a wonderful job before we had to rush out early to make it to soccer.

It's cold and raining again.  More snow coming tonight.  I've given up hope on a lot of things, and spring is one of them.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


It's been snowing for more than 24 hours now.  Can I tell you how NOT bright and cheery that feels?  What ever happened to the old "It's safe to plant after Mother's Day" rule?

And if you think Clark looks bad, well, he does.  (Yes, he does have chocolate popsicle all over his face and yes I did put him down for a nap without even wiping it off.  I'm an awesome mom.) Emma's head,which made a rather full-on connection with his cheek, is just fine.

As fas as I'm concerned that's 2 strikes for the week.  If it continues to snow all day today, that will be the third strike.  I'd like to say I'm out of here, however, where am I going to go?  I wish.

Sailing on to find spring,

Monday, May 9, 2011

Flying Lessons

Lesson 12:
Family is really what it's all about.

I've been watching my parents take care of my aged Grandfather.  It's tough, tender, hard work.  It's an emotional rollercoaster.  It's what you know you would do for your parents even though you don't want to think about that day coming.

I had two of my brothers in town this weekend to visit Grandpa and celebrate Mother's Day.  It was a great time for us to get together and enjoy the beauitful day that it was.  I watched my brothers play in the sandbox with my sons; building a dirt track that I'm sure my sons will talk about for years.  I listened as my parents asked questions about what is going on with my children at school, soccer, piano, and with their friends.  They love feeling important like that.  I have watched my brothers sit with my Grandpa and talk with him and show him love.  I watched my mom, yet again, spend her time working away to provide a beautiful meal for all of us.  I watched my dad serve my mom and help around the house and with Grandpa so much it's hard to describe.  I watched my daughter jump on the trampoline while my mom watched her and told her what a great job she was doing.  Its was a truly wonderful night.  A night where you want it to continue because you are enjoying being together SO MUCH and you realize that it doesn't happen ENOUGH and that THIS is what REALLY matters.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day - Free download

This morning is looking sunny and the weather reports 79 degrees.  I'll take that as a mother's day gift.
I hope yours is just as sunny and packed with wonderful things.

I've been blessed with a most outstanding and amazing Mother.  I've watcher her for years give of herself to raise eight children, and now to take care of her father and love 19, soon to be 20 grandchildren with the help of my Father.  Happy Day Mom, I love you!


Elephant download

Friday, May 6, 2011

Flying Lesson 10 and 11

Lesson 10:  Life is Hard
Lesson 11:  And sometimes you really don't like it.

The end.
That's not to say I don't have blessings, and that all is lost.  You know what I mean, though, sometimes I 'm just so tired of it being hard SO MUCH of the time!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dining Room

Well this past week has flown by and crawled by at a snail's pace at the same time.  When the nurse is coming in to wake Clark up right after he just finally fell asleep its been slow going.  As far as making any progress in any other areas of my life its lightning speed passing by with no improvement.

How is it that I can be gone for 32 hours and I feel a week behind?  The house is a wreck and I walk in the kitchen and look around and think to myself, do I really live here?  Did I really think it was ok to walk out the door when my kitchen looks like this?  Ok, not that I was out shopping or something but seriously.  I'm not talking dishes.  I'm talking school papers all over the place, a huge stack of library books, way too many glass 'things' of some sort because I love them - what is wrong with me?

So in all that time sitting with Clark at the hospital with him telling me 'Open your eyes Mom, no sleeping', I have been have a huge internal debate about what should be the color of my dining room.  I know, I am so awesome at meditation and reflecting on infinitely important matters.  I thought about other things too, but as far as in the project category the dining room is bugging me.  I have tried 4 or 5 colors on the wall already that I thought I would love but they are not speaking to me.  Then I saw this photo.  I would swap out the table for a huge, long, whitewashed wood farm table, and on that beautiful white ceiling I would want white wood texturing, but those are the ONLY two things I would change.  Ahh.  Too bad my dining  room does not have a wood floor I can paint like this and too bad I don't have those huge ceilings or doors even for that matter :)  Ok, I'll keep dreaming, but in the mean time, what color should it be????  White looks beautiful but how bad will all the food marks and fingerprints bother me?

Clark has been a trooper - all the doctors and nurses are amazed at how he holds still and doesn't complain and takes his medicine and lets them poke him and bother him - unless they bother to read his chart or notice that it's about 8 inches thick; at which point they realize he is a seasoned pro at age 2.5 and has been through more procedures and hospital visits and stitches than most people see in a lifetime.  Right now he is most upset about the restricted 'soft food' diet (can you blame him?).  Yogurt and Smoothies are great, unless those are your only options.  So far Jello and applesauce have been flat out refused.  Ice cream seems to be ok most of the time, although again I think the fun is gone.  He is such a sweet boy and from time to time lifts up his shirt to show me his stomach and says 'Mom, look what happened to me.'
Oh, I know buddy, I know.  And I am SO. Sorry.