Sunday, March 29, 2009

A day in the life with Emma

I know its not fair that I am writing more about Emma and not the other kids but SERIOUSLY.  She is a crack up!  She keeps us all laughing all the time.  She is completely expressive about just about everything and she memorizes funny lines from her favorite disney movies rapidly and repeats them to us over and over.  
So, just to illustrate the cold harsh fact that I CANNOT keep up with her (ie keep track of her like I should) Here is yesterday with Emma.... 
So its saturday and I'm being really, really lazy.  Finally about 9am I get her in the bath and get the syrup off her legs which is an obvious result of the pool of syrup that she experimentally poured in her lap at breakfast.  Well, lets face it, there is syrup in her hair too and because I did not catch her quickly enough when she hopped down from the table it is now also fingerprinted onto the buttons of the fax machine, the office door and my cell phone.  Trust me, this all happens rapidly.  It's not as if she were running around the house for 20 minutes to accomplish all of this.  She is truly amazing.  Ah-ha!  Now smelling good and free of syrup, she is adorable (I love how her hair gets all curly) and she is on the loose again!  Naturally she NEEEDS to watch a mooovie on 'the big bed'  (in my room).   And quite frankly this sounds like a great idea to me so I can shower and pump and get Clark's next feed going.  Emma's current favorites are the Fox and the Hound and 101 Dalmations.  Oh and DO NOT forget Tinkerbell!  She hasn't actually seen the tinkerbell movie or Peter Pan in its entirety, she just loves to watch the parts where Tinkerbell flies around looking all cute and spreads magic dust as she goes.  Thanks to the awesome Bookmobile we have access to all of the above.  Anyway, today she decides on yet another viewing of 101 Dalmations and says along the way to me  'Oh Congo boy  (yes she thinks Pongo's name is really Congo)  it's just one of those things!'.  . . . too funny! 
Now I'm showered and Clark is on a feed and I even dried my hair and Emma is finished with her movie and is now going around the house looking for her siblings (who went to Karate with Dad).  As she does so she is practicing her dog barks, panting, licking and howling (for howling see photo #1).  
Perfect.  I always wanted a daughter that pants and licks.  Time to hold Clark some more and try to recover the kitchen from the aforementioned syrup issues.  Dad and the others kiddos are now home.  Where is Emma they are asking?  Where, indeed?  I thought she was upstairs playing ponies just moments ago!   Nope.  Not in the yard, not in the garage (a favorite play spot).  Oh the basement door is open a crack.  Kurt finds her downstairs in the scrapbooking 'area'  (which means that my mess fills up most of the basement).   She has beautifully colored her fingernails with black permanent marker, along with the countertop and one side of her face.  Awesome.   Going for the gothic look a bit early.  And apparently all of this just tuckered her out because she dropped the marker and fell asleep curled up (like a puppy I must say) on an office chair!  (see photo 2).  Sound asleep.  And she did transfer well to her crib, which I plan on leaving her in to sleep AS LONG AS SHE WILL STAY IN IT AND SLEEP!  I'm counting my days and enjoying them while they last.  
I have NO idea what I accomplished in the next 2 hours while she slept, but it doesn't seem like much.  Maybe cleaned up a bit and got filled in about Karate from Christian and Savanna?  Two hours goes by SO fast!  And she is awake and not too happy about me wanting to wash off the side of her face and hands.  Well the top very dark black layer did come off a bit anyway.  All the while she is telling me "I just need my  Gramma!"  which is what she tells me any time I am doing something she is not a huge fan of (diaper change, washing hands, getting buckled in her car seat).  She is fully aware of the fact that Grandma is all about having fun and being sweet and so that means that Grandma should come rescue her from having to do things she would rather not.  How did it get to be late afternoon already and that dreaded time when you have to figure out what you are making for dinner?  It's here AGAIN.  EVERY DAY.  !!!
And where is Emma?  Has anyone seen Emma?  Oh just sitting in the rocks just off the front porch.  That's safe.  Who unlocked the front door?  Let's keep that locked for now ok?  
OK.  back to dinner.  Waffles, Bacon and eggs.  Why not syrup twice in one day?  Oh no, slight panic on my part again.  It's time to gather to eat and where is Emma?  Lucky for me, this time just reading books in Madeline's bedroom.  (photo 3) WHEW.  Notice the black fingernails and leftover markings on the right side of her face.  Meanwhile Madeline has fallen asleep on the couch with Clark and we are wondering if she will be confused when she wakes up - is it dinner time or breakfast the next day???? 
Time for bed.  For me too.  
Still sailing on.... do I have a choice?  :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

false teeth

It's true.  I'm pretty sure I will have false teeth at some point.  Seriously.  Another root canal today?  yep!  Well it was one tooth but 4 canals in it.  O-U-C-H!  The endodontist??  was great and it was better than the alternative of cutting through the gums (more ouch!) but seriously i can now count on my fingers how many teeth I have that do NOT have huge fillings or root canals.  My cute kids are worth it [ at least today :) ]
Just wanted to warn you all.  I will be the granny who takes her teeth out at night! 

Emma said to me today 'come on old timer' !!! She is classic.   Don't worry Emma my teeth are feeling it too!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

movie overload

It's a good thing we are all feeling better because I absolutely cannot live through another day of non stop disney movies.  I've seen enough of the big-breasted, size zero princesses that always have to have a happily ever after by getting married.  (Pretty sure Pocahontas never fell in love with John Smith unless you ask Disney!)  When you find yourself humming disney tunes in the shower I think that means you need to ban the tv for a week.  Can't.  Take.. Any .  More!