Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Favorite

Cheesy smile; spunky girl.  Love her.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

She was wondering...

If you could
Call her, maybe?


Monday, September 24, 2012

Light No. 38

Yesterday was such a great day I'm having a difficult time rewinding my brain back over the week.  I'm now one day late, again writing my update.  I fully intended to come back downstairs and write last night after I tucked children into bed.  Somehow as I did that I fell asleep myself.

This past week it is easy to see how we are blessed and surrounded by so much light.  In spite of injuries, hectic schedules and not all together cheerful adolencent children we were richly blessed.  We were able to have my brother and his family come over and spend time with us.  Thankfully they graciously took care of my children while I whisked Clark off to the ER to take care of his broken wrist.  We were able to celebrate a birthday with a dear friend.  We enjoyed watching our children play soccer and see the rapid improvements they are making.  

We also had the great opportunity to hear from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in a special meeting at our local church on Sunday.  It was uplifting and inspiring.  After the meeting we waited in line to meet him and shake hands.  Unfortunatley he had to leave to catch his plane before we were able to shake hands with him.  We did stand near him and as he walked to the car he turned around blowing kisses to all of us; wishing so much that he could meet every one of us.   I could see the exhaustion on his face and feel the deep ferver he feels for both the church and the members in it.

Later that day we were visited by two men whom I know were inspired to visit our home and whom I already know will change our lives with the light they are willing to share with us.  Then we packed up and headed to Aunt Sue's house where we enjoyed a delighful evening of food and family; catching up with cousins and aunts and uncles.

After a week like this one I feel deeply grateful for my parents; as I begin to recognize the commitment and sacrifice it takes to raise a family and to teach princples and manners and to participate in so many activities.  Of course as a child I had no idea what they were really doing.  Now I know how priviledged I am.  Thank you Mom and Dad, for all that continue to do.  I love you! I also feel thankful for the many experiences I have had throughout my life to meet and be influenced by church leaders that have strengthened my testimony.  I now realize that I have been blessed with much more opportunities than most people have in a lifetime, for which I am thankful.

I second this quote by Maria Speidel, a woman who served as president of the Germany Stuttgart District Relieft Society after World War II:

". . . With joy we sing the songs of Zion and put our trust in the Lord.  He maketh all things well."

Sailing On,

Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Broken Bone

It is a little bit amazing to me that we have gone this long without a broken bone.  We usually do stitches, hospitalization and surgeries around here but not broken bones.  Clark broke that trend last night playing on the swingset.

I was inside, working on dinner and after school snack.  As soon as he came in and sat on my lap and wouldn't move his hand I had a good idea what was going on.  It's a minor break, not even all the way through the bone.  It's going to heal just fine and he is one tough boy.  Wearing a cast for three weeks is not going to be fun.  He just has a splint right now until the swelling goes down and he already wants me to take it off.  I tried to explain to him how long it will be on there.  The cast comes next week, after the swelling has gone down.  Poor buddy.

Sailing on,

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Somebody has a new trick!  She is so silly she makes me smile as she is discovering her body and all that she can do with it.  When she tries something new she is so happy and proud of herself it's hard to not want to join in and cheer for her.  Aren't babies fun?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Light No. 37

Soccer, check.  Piano, check.  Swimming, check.  Cross country, check.  Two very minor leg surgies, check.  A flat tire, check.  Van back in the shop, check.  Baptism planned, check.  School issues beginning resolution, check.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to go to 'Time Out for Women' with my Mother, sister in law, and many friends.  It was a wonderful time; I felt so encouraged and uplifted in many ways.  I'm still processing everything I heard and trying to figure out how to turn it into action in my life.  In many ways it lightened my load of things I'm worried about and helped me to slow down and soften up a bit. It's a pretty big deal for the mom to be gone all day on a saturday around here and I'm thankful that Kurt was willing to do it all without me.  It was worth all of the arranging and running around and I'm so glad I went.

Not checked: 
clean house, organize closets and sort through clothing, clean up yard, pull weeds, pull out garden, clean stack of papers everywhere, clean basement.... you get the idea.  

It was a beautiful week filled with fun and a lot of imperfect moments.  My voice has been softer and more patient and the light is shining through.  I'm beginning to understand how much I can truly learn from my children.  They are teaching me lessons such as:  praying sincerely, forgiving fully and quickly, saying sorry, wanting to be loved and trying hard and sometimes falling down, being their authentic self without worrying what others think, trying new things, delighting in the plain and simple, and smiling a lot. 

I'm feeling more grateful for what I have as I realize how much I really have and how little more I need.  I love to dream and look but am learning to be happy with what I have.  

Hope your week is grand.  Sailing On, 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

On a Ride

Emma decided that Faye was having a boring day.  So she took her on a few rides.  {Which for some unknown reason needed to include them both wearing a hat}
Emma then decided this ride was boring.  So she inlisted some help to provide a 'flying Disneyland ride'.  Silly silly.
At this point I decided that rescuing Faye was a good idea before the rides became more exciting.  I'm so glad we have Emma around to keep us from being too boring.  She makes me smile. 


Friday, September 14, 2012

Photo Favorite

If there were any more personality in this girl she would burst.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little Guy

Clark has been so funny and energetic this past week.  When we drove by a school where some boys were having tackle football practice he exclaimed, "Oh, Mom!  I love little guy football!".  It made me laugh so much.

Yesterday it rained all day.  I loved it.  Especially when we got out of the car to go into Costco and Clark yelled "RUN FOR YOUR LIFES!"

After we were back home he was asking me some questions about growing up and when  he would get big.  He asked "When will Dad be little?"  I felt bad telling him that he already did that.  I think in his mind he had this picture of his Dad being his size and age and the two of them playing together like little playmates.  Silly boy.

I still don't understand the significance of all of his shoes being lined up in the windowsill, but he assured me it was of great importance.

Do you ever just look around and wonder how this little baby got to be almost four years old all of a sudden?  And worry that someday you might forget how completely adorable and precious he is?
I do.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Light No. 36

We are in that stage of life where living through one week feels like living an entire month.  I have to look at my calendar and at pictures to make sure I'm not just mixing things together; but no.  We really did have 5 soccer practices, 2 swimming lessons, 3 soccer games, 2 musical tryouts, playgroup, one laser treatment, a birthday party and the fun run at school.
Faye had her first of sever laser treatments to help with her birthmark on her cheek/neck.  I admit after the immediate results following the treatment I was feeling REALLY bad (those big red splotches will heal and go away, that is the result of the laser) but it hasn't bothered her and I just keep thinking that later in her life she will be glad we did it.

I let the house go more than I would like to admit because of all the chaos and still having the little ones sick and vaccuum being at the repair shop.  I don't mind doing all the laundry but I admit that I really don't like putting it away; especially since my children's idea of putting it away means just shoving it into the drawers.  Remind me why I folded those clothes into nice stacks so they could be shoved into any possible place?

I got a few things scheduled and finished that have been on my list and I participated in an art swap with some of my Brave girl friends.  At first I questioned my wisdom is doing so but as I hesitantly finished my projects and sent them away I was so happy I had taken some time to at least create something and the items I have received back are overwhelmingly beautiful and make me so happy.

We had the opportunity to spend time with friends and chat and catch up, which is hard to do now that school is in full swing.  It filled me up and I'm so thankful for beautiful people in my life.

I came to a realization with one of my children this week who has some very challenging needs right now and I've been able to stick with my  conclusion and I think it is helping.  I am trying to remember that my job is not only to instruct but to give love.  Sometimes I get stuck on the instruction part and forget that it has to be preceeded by and following with a HUGE outpouring of love.  Memo to me: PLEASE REMEMBER THIS EVERY DAY, {especially when said child refuses to get out of bed or to go to school}.

I saw light everywhere.  I have appreciated my husband's smile and encouragement through some of the wild and crazy days; there is no way I could be keeping up with this fall schedule without him.  I've stopped more than once in my tracks to observe the beauty all around me and watch the sunset and sunrise.  I've been able to witness growth in my children and smiles on their faces as they hide from me in the van and run around in the grass and watch their siblings play soccer.  We took a few minutes to go explore a little place I've been wanting to visit and take some fun pictures of the children which always makes me happy.  It's all good!

Sailing on,

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Photo Favorite

The weather has been simply gorgeous lately.  As we have run from soccer practice to soccer practice I have reminded myself how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place with such enjoyable fall weather.  The sunsets are dotted with clouds and the blue sky makes me smile.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day

Our Labor Day consisted of phase one of cleaning out the garage, a family bike ride and a fun dinner with friends.  Some of the children were not huge fans of cleaning out the garage -- but it was LABOR day after all.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Light No. 35

This week was one of staying home all day and taking care of sick little ones.  We did a lot of movie watching, babie holding, nose wiping, prescription filling, epsom salt baths and nebulizers.  It can be a double edged sword; staying home all week.  One the one hand it is great to be at home to hold your little ones and to take care of things around the house that have been lost in the whirlwind the past several months.  On the other hand the errands and all of the running around you normally do gets farther behind and you wonder where you'll make that up.  And then you realize that you won't ever make it up and that you are just running farther behind and that is the new normal.   

I found myself sleep deprived and running on low patience this week; unfortunately my family got the brunt of that.  I was happy to feel fall in the air but still have the weather beautiful enough to play outside and enjoy the yard. I awoke this week to beautiful sunrises, reminding me that heaven is not far away and that light is shining through.  

I watched a few Mormon Messages and loved the quote from Neal A. Maxwell "Moments are the molecules that make up eternity."  It made me really reflect on choosing the better part in those moments when I'm needed by someone but am maybe distracted by another task not quite as important.  I'm proud to say I put dishes aside, put my phone down, got off the computer and created some good memories.  A new soccer season has begun; the peaches are now jam and the sheets are clean.  The makeup work from missing school is complete and homework is finished.  I have to at least celebrate those successes!  

I'm feeling thankful.  I'm thankful that Faye is sick now that she is old enough to handle it and not last winter when it would have put her in the hospital.  I'm thankful to have good doctors and kind friends who have checked in on us and who offer up their hearts just because they can.  The world is such a beautiful place when beauty is what I'm looking for!  

Sailing on,