Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little things

The past week has been full of a lot of stressful things and a lot of little things that are wonderful.  I found that taking the time to enjoy the little things made me much happier over all.  It always helps when I have a few mostly productive days as well, which I feel like I did.  That makes me happy.  And a clean house makes me happy.  How long that clean house lasted after all my work yesterday morning, well... that doesn't make me so happy.  But we had a lot of fun with little things!
What sort of little things are happening at your house? 

Savanna and Madeline made a batch of cupcakes and a cake (box mixes) ALL ON THEIR OWN yesterday.  It was their idea and they did a spectacular job.  I was not even around.  I was out in the garage working.  And then, while doing their dishes to cleanup the big mess :)  Savanna found a way to make her own huge bubbles.  

Clark enjoyed his 'first' day wandering around outside yesterday.  This is the first time it has been very warm since he learned to walk so while I was working outside for a few hours he wandered around, and then later climbed onto this dolly and LOVED having rides on it.  It's funny how kids figure things like this out.  The dolly was just sitting there and he went over and positioned himself and sat down on it perfectly.  

I got an unexpected, inexpensive hair cut.  AND I really like it!  Funny story.  I went to Relief Society on thursday night - it was about trend and style.  They had some makeup people and hair people there and talked about upcoming trends and colors and all of that.  It was really fun.  The hair lady had already secured two people to get their hair cut while all this was going on and she did such a great job and I needed a hair cut so bad and here I was out, with a little cash in my wallet (which rarely happens) so I asked her can I just pay you to cut my hair right now?  She was finished with her part and the makeup end of it was happening.  Sure!  So I sat down there in the relief society room and she cut my hair.  And I LOVE it.  And she charges $25.  WHAT?  yea.  $25.  Usually it takes me a week or so to like my hair after I get a cut but I have honestly loved it since the minute she finished.  It feels lighter and more healthy and I like to think I am just a tad bit 'in style' now.  ha!

Emma invited me to her tea party.  She also did some work on my foot for me (she said I needed some shots) and when Clark woke up she invited him too.  It was time well spent.  I was giggling we were having such a great time together.  I love times like that. 

By the time I had gotten my camera the two of them were being so cute and fun that I got some closer up photos I have been wanting to take for a long time.  

Yesterday the sun came out and it was acutally warm enough for me to get a few things painted.  YEA!  On tuesday I will be placing some furniture for sale in a store in Castle Rock so I have a deadline and I was so happy to have the weather cooperate just a bit.  

I went to the temple.  This always calms me.  I finally got the MRI done on my back that I have been needing so I can get started with some therapy (or something!) again.  That's good.  Preschool was at my house and we had fun, parent teacher conferences are now behind us and I made it to the scare the parents so they will send more money in to the school and we prefer cold hard cash in large amounts thank you very much school budget meeting.  Whew.  Now, for the week ahead. . .

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My first ever book signing

This past week I was able to attend this fantastic event where I met Annette Tatum and she so graciously signed books, answered questions, and gave tips and ideas about decorating our homes.  I am really enjoying her book (and it makes me desperately want to paint the cabinets in my laundry room!)  I highly recommend it, and thoroughly enjoyed Annette's personality and style.   You can get it HERE.  Thanks to all the ladies who made this event possible, it was really a treat to be in attendance.  EVERYTHING was lovely. 

I am inspired and energized - and I have so many projects going on in my house I need that energy to complete them!  What I love most about this book is that I feel like it validates me in wanting so much of my personal style and love of certain things (like color mixed with old furniture)  to come out in my home.  I guess I have always wanted that but have never really seen it in a way that did not seem so unrealistic and out there for my family.  Thanks Annette! 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Funnies

We spent most of the day saturday across town waiting for some belt or pulley to get fixed on my favorite van.  This means a few great things happened.
1.  I was close to a huge goodwill store and it was HALF OFF day!  My favorite.  I got a huge bag of vintage ribbons, two very old and very cool desks, and 2 ladder back chairs.  I also got a great mirror, a stoneware casserole dish with a metal rack to put it in on the table, an oak picture frame, and a brand new pair of gap flats with bling on them for Savanna.  All of this for $50.  I was thrilled.

2.  A new Cafe Rio opened up just down the street.  And so after Goodwill we went there for lunch.  And guess what?  It was FREE ENTREE day.  Yes, my entire family out to lunch with everyone getting their own entree AND drink for $8.52  I'm talking 7 entrees and 6 drinks.  That has NEVER happened.  I can't even do Chick-Fil-A for under $10 ever!  It was a beautiful thing.  And good thing because we spent plenty of money at Midas.

Some other funny things:
Emma has been looking at the globe at lot lately for some reason.  Today she brought it over to me and said "look, here is Colorado"   (and she was right, I guess Maddie showed her where we live.  And this is a small globe so Colorado is about the size of a pinhead.)  She proceeded:  "Now mom, you show me where Chick-Fil-A is on here".  ha!

Also Emma:
Mom, what is that song playing on the ICE pod, I love it!
Does Dad work at JUps?
Is it still my birkday?  ( she has been asking this multiple times daily since Feb 9th)
I just love dotty.  I have my dotty stroller, and I love dotty.  (Apparently she shares my passion for polka dots.  how charming!)

Christian: Sav, I really need to borrow your boots because I can't find mine.  (Which means they are in the laundry room rather than the hall closet and that's just too far to walk).
Savvie:  Well, aren't they too big for you?
Christian:  Yea, but they still really fit me.

Also I stopped in at My little store last night and worked a few hours at the shop.  I was so happy to see that I have some items that seem to be selling well and I am excited for the future!  I am now selling pillow covers and bookmarks and more furniture.  So fun for me!
Today while dropping Madeline off for a birthday party at Skate City I discovered a new quilt shop too.  Dangerous.  I fell in love with another fabric line (just what I need) and had fun walking around.  Skate City is another story altogether.  I remember going to a birthday party there when I was about 6.  I remember they served us pizza, chips ahoy cookies and coke.  No kidding.  I drank it up and asked for more and more.   I had no idea what I was drinking.  Then as I was leaving I asked a friend what was that delicous drink and she told me:  coke.  I was mortified.  I had completely enjoyed a caffienated soda.  I was dreading going home and telling my parents.  I think I carried that guilt around with me for MONTHS.  I had consumed caffiene.  It was a horrible thing.  Anyway, back to skate city.  It scares me.  It has been around WAY too long and there are way too many adults who hang out there and rollerskate and jam to 80's music.  It's just not the crowd I usually look to hang with, you know?  It shocks me that people STILL actually book birthday parties there.  And you know what?  For birthday parties they still serve the same pizza and soda!  No chips ahoy any more.  Too funny.  I am just so old fashioned about great birthday parties at home.  With fewer people and a fun project.  I guess I'm crazy because by the time I am done it usually cost me about the same as it would to go to a party center but it just FEELS different to me.
Ok.  enough of my ramblings.
 Madeline brought home some balloons from her party and it ws so cute to see Clark having so much fun with them.  
Our neighbor friend, Jordan, is having a birthday tomorrow.  Emma decided to make her a gift.  She rolled out some play dough, stamped it into a shark shape, put it in a ziplock and then wrapped it with masking tape.  She is so proud to present this gift!  She spent a good hour on the assembling of it and even added wrapping paper and staples on top after I took this photo.  She is something else! 

This weekend has been one of cold temperatures, snow, icy roads and goosbumps!  Savanna and Christian didn't waste any time getting out to play in it!  

I hope you are warm and cozy at home with your family!  We are off to stake conference!  

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

At our house our Valentine celebration will really be tomorrow because, well, because the Mom just has not pulled it together this week!  But we hope you feel loved today and had a nice day! 

I told the kids I wanted to take a few photos of them with hearts.  They really got into it and Madeline came back into the room and said "Mom I have heart pox!"   Savanna and Christian quickly followed and they were all being so silly and having so much fun I think I ended up taking about 100+ photos.  Yes, I know, OUT OF CONTROL!  But aren't they cute? 


I love this recipe.  It came from my Mom and I have just changed it a bit.  My friends love it so much I often give it in large jars for gifts.  It is easy, makes a very large batch (lasts us about 2 weeks) and we all love it.  Warm or cold, with milk or yogurt or over ice cream it is delicious.  And, even with all of that sugar, more healthy than anything I can buy!  Try it out.


10 cups oatmeal
1 cup wheat germ
puffed rice
puffed corn
sunflower seeds
dried fruit
3 cups brown sugar
2 cups vegetable oil
1 cup honey
2 tsp. salt
4 tsp vanilla (divided)
2/3 cup hot water

In very large bowl mix together:
10 cup oatmeal (non-instant, rolled oats from food storage, instant works too if that is what you have)
1 cup wheat germ
2 cups puffed rice
1 cup puffed corn
1 cup organic coconut
peanuts, sunflower seeds, or any other nuts or dried fruit you like or have on hand
if you don't want or have the puffed rice or corn then add more oatmeal.

In a microwave safe bowl (that holds at least 8 cups) dissolve the brown sugar in 2/3 cup hot water.  Add 2 tsp. vanilla and 1 cup honey.  Boil in microwave for 1 minuter.  Cool slightly.  Add oil and and remaining 2 tsp. vanilla. Pour over and mix in with dry ingredients.  Mix until well coated.  Spread into 2 large ungreased cookie sheets  (with a lip around the edge)
Bake at 250 for 1 hour.  Remove from oven, cool for 3-5 minutes ONLY, then scrape out of pan into airtight container or ziplock bags.  If you leave it longer to cool it will be VERY STUCK to the pan so be careful!

Delicioius.  We love it!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I take it back

That is, if I could!  I would take back that 5 SECONDS of being dumb on monday morning when I slipped off a chair in my kitchen because my slippers were not on just right and I was reaching up to a high shelf.  Because then I would not have to wear this boot cast but most especially I would not have hurt and foot and ankle and be in THIS much pain.  Silly.  And I wish I could take it back.
So much for my plans this week to start running again and lose that extra weight that has been hanging around since Clark was born.  I mean really, he is ONE YEAR OLD now.  It's time.  Oh the frustration.  

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Emma is three!

The 2 day long celebration has now come to an end.  As Emma so energetically told Grandma and Grandpa Sheffield on the phone last night when they said I hope you have had a good birthday she said "NO, I'm still HAVING my birthday."  And party she did until she fell asleep on my lap reading stories at 9pm!
We began celebrating monday night for family night - Emma wanted 'everything pink' this year.  So she had a pink cake with pink frosting and strawberries on it.  All her idea.
In keeping with tradition, birthday morning she had breakfast in bed.   Pink pancakes,
eggs, yogurt and granola.

Aunt Sue came over to visit and brought Emma a beautiful vintage baby doll that has already become a favorite.  Then we were on our way to Chick-Fil-A for birthday lunch!
Upon leaving Christian saw this antique store we have been to before and really, really wanted to go see the statues.  I figured it was as good a place as any to TRY to get a photo shoot of Emma now that she is 3.  She, however had other things in mind.  Namely finding icicles and turning her back to me when the lighting was just right! 


Throughout the afternoon we opened more gifts, played and colored and pushed around baby dolls.  

I did not get the big girl bed in the garage painted for her like I wanted.  And this week it is just too cold for the paint to dry so hopefully that can be a very belated gift in the next week or two.  She did love her new strawberry shortcake play slide, new dress for her Bitty Baby, and Thumbelina from Savanna.  Savanna is always the best at picking out gifts, she knows exactly what people will love.

Emma, at three is: 
constantly on the move
travels at lightning speed when escaping her mother
refuses lotion of any kind and wipes it off when I sneak it on
loves to read books, play with ponies, strawberry shortcake, or baby dolls, or in her playmobil castle
loves anything pink
looks way too cute in hats
loves yogurt, strawberries, chocolate, jelly beans, pizza, spinach salad, oatmeal and fruit snacks
wears dresses pretty much every day, and if they are all dirty she will choose a nightgown over pants (thinking this is completely reasonable)
Emma is witty, fun, wild, so sweet to share and make others happy, and we love her so! 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

wednesday 5:30 am

Emma walks into my bedroom.
Emma:   Mooom, Christian is BOTHERING me.
Mom:  Emma, Christian is sound asleep honey.
Emma:  Mom, his SLEEPING is bothering me.
Mom:  Well, let's go have breakfast!
Emma:  Ok.  Yogurt and Granola.

HA hA!  Silly girl.  They do share a bedroom (painted half red, half pink - silly huh?) but come on, his sleeping is BOTHERING you!  I even checked--  He was NOT snoring!

Later on yesterday, we went on a walk to the mailbox.

 Emma was sucking on a cough drop which, of course, fell perfectly from her mouth right into this crack in the sidewalk and into the mud.  (not sure why I managed to take this photo very out of focus sorry)

And this is how she felt about that.
oh that I could be so cute when making a sad face and with a bad hair cut! 

And lastly, I just wanted to share how beautifully Savanna decorated the front door this week:

perfect, don't you think! 

Monday, February 1, 2010

A hole is to dig

I am so glad Savanna and I read this book together at bedtime last night.  We like to read together, trading off every other page.  It's funny how each of the children like to be read to in their own way.  Do you have this book?  If not, I highly recommend it.  My mom told me a few years ago that it is a classic and that we would enjoy it.  She was right.  We giggle every time we read it.  Remembering some of these pages helped me smile more today.  

I love books like this that remind us about the little joys of life.  We went to the library tonight for our family night activity (it was all I came up with today, ok?)  and walking around our library I was thinking about how much children'ts books seem to have changed.  Most of them are about LIFE or TV CHARACTERS or things people think kids should learn about.  I saw titles today like 'Sometimes Mommy gets angry' and 'I sit on the potty'.  Seriously?  It looks like junk to me.  Especially compared to so many classics we have here on our shelf.  I think I will share more of them here in the future.

This past week Savanna proudly pulled out (on her own!) tooth #2!  It bled like crazy for a long time and pronunciation is a bit of a challenge for now but Savanna was so happy to lose it on her own again!   The dentist told me his calls this the 'ugly duckling' stage because kids are missing so many teeth.  I went home thinking he is dead wrong, there is NOTHING ugly about this girl, with or without teeth!

Today I found something that I literally COULD NOT WALK AWAY FROM.  So shallow of me, and yet, no regrets!  I have for a few years now been collecting polka dot dishes.  When I realized the dinnerware I chose when we got married had been discontinued and that the replacement cost was up to about $52 per plate, I figured I needed to come up with another plan and soon!  I really dislike eating on melamene for some reason (which is funny because I eat on paper plates ALL SUMMER LONG to avoid doing dishes!) and so I started searching for some good plates that I loved.  And I fell in love with polka dots all over again.  I have a fun mismatched pile that I hope continues to grow faster than they get broken!  So when I saw these serving bowls today I thought PERFECT match!  Don't you love them?  THe larger one is ENORMOUS and I am excited to use it for something wonderful. 

I especially love that the inside of the bowl is a different color.  So fun!  And I thought they were SO reasonably priced, the huge bowl was $9.99 and the smaller one only $5.99  I LOVE THEM!