Sunday, November 28, 2010

It feels great

To laugh.  Last night we went out to celebrate our anniversary and one of my sisters and her husband had popped into town on a whim.. so we went out together.  I'm not sure what exact combination of being tired/funny/crazy/silly came together but I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  Our husbands were in rare form ... on quite the comedian kick.  I wish I had a photo of us all laughing.  Good times.  Then I got these photos today taken of my family this past week by a very talented lady - and saw this:
 I was sitting on the ground because i was trying to get my 3 year old to sit (which she never did what a shock!)
I love that she took these candids, and that my children make me laugh.  It feels good.  And I had no idea that while this was going on big brother was planting a kiss on little brother... how sweet!
I could use a few more things to laugh about!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I've been 'Thrilled'

This post goes out to all of my Christmas time Mint M&M loving sistas!  I have been telling my boyfriend (husband) that I want to get a bag of these and send them to all of you.  Then I realized that
a) it would cost more to ship than to purchase them initially.
b) they would get all banged up/melted/mashed in the mail
c) you would only have one bag and may need more than that!  :)
So I will instead share with you my discovery.

I love all things mint.  Mint ice cream, mint hot chocolate, mint brownies, mint icing, mint italian sodas, mint cookies, you get the idea.  So when there is a new mint candy on the market I take it upon myself to try them out and see where they weigh in.  Mind you, I have tried many new mint chocolates, candies, and flavorings in the past few years (and I've got the hips to prove it!).  This is the only one I find worth mentioning.  After I discovered these a few months ago; I have cruised right past the "regular" holiday mint m&m's.  Just try them and you will COMPLETELY understand (and possibly curse me for telling you how good they are).
 So far, the only store I have found that carries Mint Thrills is  Target.  I think they may have an exculsive on them.  Go ahead, get yourself some and try them and let me know what YOU think!
They also have a purple bag that is dark chocolate and my boyfriend has verified they are fantastic as well.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I found it...

In one simple photo I found the house I want.  Can I move in?

Unfortunately, this book I found the photo in (cheap chic) didn't disclose where the home is and when it would be ready for my move in.  Bummer.  So we keep waiting to hear back on the most recent offer we have made on yet another possible home for my family...  And I keep cleaning up vomit and praying for that to stop.  Pray with me, ok?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Deliciously Cute

Honestly, if this boy gets any cuter I might just eat him up!  What a fun week we have had with our new 2 year old!  I have never had a two year old get into the opening of presents like he did.  He would open a gift, look at it, say thank you, then ask "another present please?"  It was so fun to watch him loving his big day so much.  We had a great lunch at Chick-fil-A with some friends during the day and some one on one time with Mom as well.  He had a big bowl of ice cream for his treat and blew each candle out separately.
At two:
Favortie drink:  chocolate milk
Favorite movie:  CARS
Favorite Book:  The Best Mouse Cookie
Favorite outside activity:  Throwing rocks and collecting sticks
Favorite inside activity:  Playing Lightning McQueen or in the sink
Favorite place to go:  Mrs. Sheri's house
Favorite object:  Pacifier
Favorite Color:  Pink
Favorite comfort:  Blankie from Grandma Sheffield
Exceptional Skills:  talking, running, throwing, eating chocolate with no end in sight, being adorable.

Happy Birthday, big 2 year old boy!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 years

I guess when you are ten years old you are old enough to light your own candles.  Or so she told me.  So many thoughts have passed through my mind as I watched my oldest turn 10 this week.   The one thought that dominated has been this:  wow, have I really been a parent for 10 years now?  Shouldn't I know more, shouldn't I be farther along with my parenting skills?  Hmmm.

We had an American Girl Mystery party at a generous friends house (since we are homeless).  It was delightful.  We also got to have a fun birthday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Sheffield's house.  She even got a special birthday phone call from Jamaica from Grandma and Grandpa Smith.  Now I am left with this very grown up girl who is teaching me a lot.  Being 10 can be hard.  Being the oldest and being 10 is even harder.  We love Maddie Jo so much and we are so thankful for her courage to lead our children.  We love her so.

She loved that the celebration lasted all weekend:  friday I brought treats in at school, saturday was the party, and sunday was the 'real' day.  It was also the children's primary program at church and she loved that.  It was a very fun weekend for her.
I enjoyed watching her interact with her friends and it made me proud of her to watch her at school and at the party.  She is a wonderful young lady. She tries so hard to always do things well and she succeeds.  I am happy I am her mom!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

oil pastel

My children recently discovered oil pastels.  They love the way you can really lay down the color thick and rich  (as do I).  The afternoon that this was created I believe between all the kids we demolished a set of oil pastels, which is ok, because they are not the expensive kind and it was totally worth it.  I love to watch children create.  When children create they don't hold back; they aren't worried if their friends are going to like it or if it will be worthy of a blog post or pretty enough to use as home decor.  They create for the joy of it; sometimes knowing that they will immediately throw it away and start again.  I have a hard time throwing it away so now I scan it all and THEN dispose of it.  This is a current favorite of mine from my 6 year old son.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hey Mom, watch - I'm catching snowflakes on my tongue and it's awesome.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two options

She is wondering if she will ever get things right.  She is frustrated and tired of looking at houses; finding something that will work only to have it not be for her.  She is behind on the laundry.  She hasn't been exercising for weeks.  She eats too many chocolate covered pretzels.  She feels like a burder to her friends and an extreme failure as a mother.  She should be more patient and understanding.  She wants to scream when its bedtime and she is trying to get all five children to fall asleep in the same room.  In her heart she believes and trusts yet at times the darkness surrounds her and she feels heavy and discouraged.  She knows she has blessings yet she is drowning in the mess.  She hasn't been volunteering at school.  She forgets to check the website for what the kids need to bring to school and then causes embarassment to her little loves.  She drives the kids to school in her pajamas and glasses.  She has lost her sense of style.  She wants to write and read and create yet has little to no time to do any of it.  She can't sleep.  She lays there thinking about all the things she is doing wrong and all the ways she is failing.  The baby has a fresh set of stitches.   Her jeans are too tight.  She wonders if she should be working; making money to change this situation.  She feels like she is always behind on everything.  The kids were late to school again.  She wishes it would snow so much that she could hibernate for a while.  She is trying desperately to be brave.  Her daughter cracked her front adult tooth to the nerve - what is going on?  She wonders.  She needs to renew her costco membership.  She misses her art room - how selfish.  She can't answer the question 'how are you?' without fighting back tears.  She feels ridiculous.  She failed with dinner again.  She can't keep anything clean.  She sometimes wishes that quitting was an option.  She has two options - laugh or cry.  She starts to cry; she wants to sob.  She laughs anyway.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Recap 2010

I'm late on this but at least I'm recording it.  Halloween was a weekend long celebration.  There was so much going on and so many different places I needed to be to that I didn't get photos of all the kids in costume (what mother does that?).  We had the school parties, the church party, the friend party, the halloween dinner party with more great friends.  All in all, we are partied out!  It was an exhausting, wonderful, exciting, sugar filled weekend.  I'm still trying to catch my breath.   To make life more exciting, add to that house hunting and you have one tired set of parents.
 The only photo I got of my cute little cowboy is this one sharing licks of his sucker with his hippie friend.  By the time he was actually awarded 2nd prize in the costume contest (how funny!) he was too tired to have his costume on.

We had a Renaissance queen, Amelia Bedilia, two cowboys and strawberry shortcake.   Dad was an awesome Halloween crafter!
 this cutie just ate the frosting right off the knife rather than bothering to put it on the cookie.

Ah well, ever forward, but ever so slowly.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Moments that make it all worth it

I love having a three year old.  For those of you who know my daughter who is three right now, she has forever changed our lives.  She has changed our bedtime routines, our morning rountines, our patience threshold, our ability to ignore loud batches of screaming and throwing fits, and many many other things.  Then today she does things like this and I remember that really, I love having a three year old!

We all got in the car to go get older sister from school to take her to an ortho appointment.  I ran back inside to get a ballot and snack for the kids.  I grabbed the bag of MY favorite snacks:  York peppermint pretzel sandwiches dipped in chocolate.  I brought them out to the car and she said

"Mom, I knew I could count on you!"

really, just like that.  And I know I can count on her to continue to make me smile and make me a better person.  Isn't this fun?