Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School Days

I am losing minutes each day.  The daylight disappears and I'm left with more to do at night that I should have done already.  Summer is slipping away and fall is rapidly approaching.

This school year will prove to be an interesting one, as we all know that the kids will be switching schools once the house is finished and we move.  I'm ready for the change.  I am dreaming of a  slower life, a simple life, a life with a little less running around and a little more space to breathe.

I do however LOVE school uniforms and I will miss that the most.  It really simplifies getting ready in the mornings.  Either way, they are SO cute, don't you agree?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Beach stuff

Favorite things at the beach:
seashells, running on the sand, frozen bananas, balboa fun zone, sunsets, grandpa's smile, frozen cheesecake on a stick, walking to the pier, watching fisherman, dolphins, wave jumping, reading on the beach, the smell of the ocean, happy kids, jellyfish, mexican food, palm trees, clipping up wet swim suits om the cothesline, beach toys, sea stars, climbing on rocks, chasing sea gulls, enjoying life!

note to self:  NEVER AGAIN cut 6 inches off your hair the day before you go to the beach so you look like a frizzy, wavy crazy hair lady the entire time (and while trying to get a good family photo!).
Emma is such her OWN PERSON that it comes as no huge surprise that as a family we often wait for Emma to decide for HERSELF that she does indeed want to do what we are doing and that she is coming on her own.  In spite of this, she still made us laugh so much and brought a happiness to the beach that only Emma can deliver!
Oh I want to go back RIGHT NOW.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boy in Action

It makes me laugh to see that so many of the photos I have of Christian at the beach are of him in action.

 Running and chasing birds,  (he became so proficient at this that he nearly grabbed one in his hands), playing smashball, boogie boarding, digging for sand crabs, throwing his football, chasing bubbles, running down the beach.  He truly enjoyed himself and had a great time just BEING a BOY.  Now that he is a big first grader I don't think he gets much time to do just that.  I'm so happy I captured him here being happy doing things that five year old boys just love to do.  It makes my heart sing.

Frozen banannas are a long time favorite and tradition at the beach.  It was so cute to see him step up to the counter, order his own, and smile as it was handed down to him.
It was a great week!

Monday, August 23, 2010

and we're off.

I just dropped off my oldest three children at school - FOR THE ENTIRE DAY.  I already feel strange.  The house is quiet and the little ones are playing upstairs.  Wish me luck on acting as a whirlwind through my house today, cleaning like I have never cleaned before!
I looked back in my review mirror and I could see my sweet son who just embarked on his first day at school for first grade.  He was quiet and thoughtful during the ride.  The girls were loud, singing and playing and tossing items around the car.  They seem more confident, after all, they know what an entire day of school is like.  I'm shaking just a little bit for my sweet boy.  I know he will do great, that other children gravitate to him because he is just so GOOD inside, but still I'm worried.  I can't wait to catch them in my arms this afternoon.
Before I get the kids off to school photos up here I have to finish up our beach experience.

 I think I will do this best by doing a lot of short posts.  That's the way my brain is working right now.
Every year at the beach it is the same:  I think to myself, this will be the year we will get the PERFECT family photo!  And it has yet to happen.  This year my camera is broken and the light meter is completely off.  This works fine if I am using the camera as I know how to get it right with manual settings.  When you have your wiggily 7 person family on the beach for photos and all they really want to do is run to the water it's incredibly more difficult to explain to a very kind grandfather who agrees to take photos for you that you have to manually focus each frame and yada yada yada.  The short story:  we still got some great photos and I should have sucked it up and paid to get my camera fully repaired!  Mabye next time, eh?
This year I especially enjoyed watching the sunsets with Grandpa.  He told me all about the "green flash" that people watch for - this happens when the sun reaches the sea and a wave comes up and in that single instance you can see the sun through the curl of the wave.  Some people have seen it once or twice in a lifetime.  Grandpa is still watching for it.
Sailing on to clean more!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Never. Thought. We. Would. Make. It. Seriously.

Our Annual California Beach trip was wonderful.
I feel like we had some great experiences and we had some moments where I looked around and wondered 'really, what do I think I'm doing here?   What was I thinking that I could teach these children good manners and love them and raise them and have them grow to be caring, independant, good people who have faith in Christ and make the world a better place?'   anyway...
We left Grandpa's house on friday night at 9pm.  Saying goodbye is always difficult.  It felt especially tender this time and it was hard to drive away.

We got home Saturday night at midnight.  The trip home didn't quite go the way I planned.  The stops were much more frequent and longer than anticipated.  Yet, I had to stop and ask myself along the way - are we learning things at each of these stops?  Possibly creating memories that will at some point in their lives be benifical to my children?  I believe the answer is yes.  One of our rather long stops was spent at Cove Fort.  Cove Fort is really an amazing place with rich history and so much to see.  The kids all loved looking around at the blacksmith shop, the barn, the bunkhouse, and of course the fort.  We had a wonderful couple who have 12 children guide us through the tour and walking with them was a great experience for me.  Learning more about life at Cove Fort and all the duties and chores that were done by the Ira and Adailade Hinckley family is astounding.  That 4'11'' woman was one strong woman.
I have so many more photos to share and fun memories to record.  Today I want to share a few photos from Cove Fort.

I am so thankful for the reminder I had that there are so many who have gone  before us who sacrificed so much, who toiled endlessly, who saw the big picture and believed in it with all their hearts.  I should be equal to the task, should I not?
Then why do I have days where I feel I am not?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

California Dreamin'

we are at the beach this week, having a wonderful time.  The siblings quarreling doesn't count, right?  That is wearing on me a lot lately.
I need to write down a few funny things Emma said yesterday and today.  Yesterday she really wanted me to play ball with her at the beach.  So I went over and tossed her the ball.  She did not catch it.  "THATS IT Mom, you are OUT of the game!."  ok.  I sit back down and watch the other kids playing.  "Mom, I need you to play ball with me."  I get up.  Toss.  miss.  "Thats IT, MOM, you are OUT of the game!."  This went on for a while.  All I could do is laugh! 
Tonight after we said goodnight to grandpa she ran back out and Said to him "and grandpa, have a LOVELY day too!."  She is such a silly girl. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weekend Fun

My sisters drove over for a quick weekend girls get together and some serious flea marketing/garage saling.  It was a great, fast and furious weekend.  My mom fed us all, and we got to have a little birthday celebration for my older sister's youngest baby and myself.  My kids were so happy to see some of their cousins and we all enjoyed the day!  I hope we can do more of this in the future and all get away together.

The paris street market at Aspen Grove was really fun - there was so much to see and it was SO hot we had a nice air-conditioned lunch at Panera bread.  Thanks Mom, and girls for the fun times and great memories!  I love you!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am so happy that I painted my piano.  I have been talking about doing it for a while now.  I love how it turned out!
It used to look like this.  (I have been exeperimenting with a few colors of paint!)

Now it looks like this!

painting makes me happy....
what makes you happy?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Ok, so some of you wanted to see photos of the projects I have been working on.  Here are a few.
I took this table out of my neighbors trash (because it's true, I'm SHAMELESS!)  It had leather on the top that was damaged so I simply pulled that off which created a lip around the inside edge, exactly what I was going for.  I sanded it and painted it and the Mr. helped me cut the legs off.  Then I replaced the legs with casters which allow for it to roll under Christian's bed at night.  Solution:  he can put all the lego/playmobil guys on it he wants and I can roll it under the bed when he's done and it is still set up yet is cleaned up.  So far they have loved it and have been pulling the table out to play all sorts of games and other things on.  I'm happy with the results.  And I think I must be congratulated here for "going green!"  That's my mom's FAVORITE mantra (kidding) but I was thinking really, I wonder how many people who give crusties to me for using plastic grocery sacks and for  buying cleaners in plastic bottles and using disposable diapers are really willing to pull furniture off of craigslist for free, or out of the trash to fix up and use to keep it out of a landfill?  I think I got the liberals on that one.  ha.

I am also working on a future bedroom set for Emma.  I say future because who in the world knows when the girl will ever get a room to put it in but I have painted it all black and grey.  The dresser I can't finish the pulls on because I'm short on the hardware and you can't buy it anywhere so I have to wait for the manufacturer of the pulls to send me some, but you get the idea.  I got this dresser for $10.  Actually, I've been keeping track, all told, including paint, she will have a nicely outfitted bedroom for a grand total of $78.  Pretty good, I think .  Well that doesn't count the garage full of 'stuff' that everyone has to put up with either.

Dresser before:

Now: (sunlight issues but you get the idea)

Bookcase before:


Sailing on to paint my piano,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cowboy UP

Saturday we spent the day in Kiowa, Co at the Cowboy Up Rodeo.
It was one of those days; the kind where everyone is happy even though they are a little sunburned and very tired.  The type of day where on the way home we were all laughing out loud about how fun it was and the little ones were fast asleep before we left the parking lot.  A supremely happy, fulfilling day.
Christian achieved his long time dream of doing Muttin' Bustin'.  He loved it and wants to ride again every chance he can.  He was a bit bothered that he didn't have his own cowboy hat and rodeo vest like some of the other riders.  Ah, well.  One step at a time.  This rodeo was one of the best we have been too because, well because it was in Kiowa!  Kiowa is a tiny town with a 100 year old church as its public library.  Its just that kind of a town which means its small and perfect for our family to attend a rodeo in. 
 After the pro riders they had a bunch of games set up for the kids and they all got bags with prizes and soda!  My children could not have been happier.  For icing on the cake, Savanna was the grand prize winner as she caught the chicken in the Chicken Chase!!!  I have never seen a chicken run for its life like that and it was pretty funny - after being chased all around by a boisterious group of about 40 children, the chicken hopped through the fence and headed out behind the stands.  Savanna nimbly followed, chasing it under a trailer and reaching in and grabbing it by the leg!  After it ran through the fence I said to Kurt "I would have thought Sav would have grabbed that chicken, this is so up her alley!".  Not 2 mintues later Savanna came walking back with that chicken cradled in her arms!  We had a good laugh and went home tired, happy folks!  

Bring on the summer rodeos, I love it!