Monday, March 28, 2011

Flying: Lesson 6

Quitting is not allowed. 
I have had to tell myself this many times this past week.  It's a good thing to tell yourself when you really would rather give up in many areas.  I have to remind myself that I just have to keep trying - don't give up on keeping the house clean (impossible goal), getting in better shape, learning more, and being a better mother.  If I just don't quit that has to count for something.  There are many things in my life that I have quit on and I wish I would have stuck it out.  Here's to sticking it out! 
ps.  aren't these cards from a vintage memory game amazing?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cave of the Winds

Cave of the Winds is in Colorado Springs, about an hour drive from us.  This was a really fun spring break outing.  If you are ever in the area, I recommend it.  It is a good hike/walk about half mile through the caves; at one point I believe you are about 7600 ft elevation.  Theses caves were originally discovered by two ten year old boys.  Can you imagine being ten and crawling into a cave where you could see million year old stalactites hanging from the ceiling?

As part of the original tours, visitors were allowed to reach up and break one off to take home as a suvenior.  Things have changed just a bit, as this one spot of the rock is the only place you are allowed to touch on your way out.

While waiting for our tour, we had the chance to do some panning for precious stones and enjoy the view. It was cold and windy so we were happy to get inside the cave and out of the wind when our number was called! 

This was something we have been wanting to do for a long time and we are happy that we did it!  
I always end up wishing we had done more on spring break and yet each day was full - playing at the park, going out for ice cream, doing projects around the house, putting the trampoline up, having cousins over for a sleepover, going on family bikerides and having a picnic lunch at the park.  I guess I just feel like we can't compete with all the disneyland and hawaii trips I hear about and I hope that my children don't feel cheated.  We do try to create memories for our family, get outside often, and explore the great sites to visit that Colroado does have.  I know that having a lot of money doesn't make life easy, but some days I wouldn't mind just trying it out, would you?
sailing on,

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday

36 years.  That's about the right time for life to just get warming up, right?
A while ago that would have sounded old to me but today it sounds just right.
Happy Birthday to Kurt!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

About the lockers....

All of you were so close.  I see that you are as shocked as I was that Kurt chose the YELLOW.  All on his own.  I said, ''are you sure" and he said yes for sure.  Shocking.  Thanks, I'm glad you liked them.  I will be sending out some cards anyway, thanks for playing!
Off on a spring break outing, fighting again the wind, wish us luck!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flying: Lesson 5

Choose Love.
Again this past week I felt like I could not do anything right.  I say again because this feeling is such a regular companion of mine these days.  I'm sure I feel more this way when we are all sick and I'm sleeping in fourty five mintue segments and my patience is at a much lower lever than it should be.   I would be lying if I said I didn't highly consider {on several occastions} Savanna's tactic of just zipping myself all the way up into a sweatshirt and riding in the stroller!

There was one moment where I felt like maybe I am doing something right.  It happened when one of my children had a really rotten reaction to something (now I can't even remember what it was that set her off) - she shouted, pouted, and stormed into the other room.  This part makes me feel like I'm doing it all wrong.  What happened next made me realize that I do make great efforts daily to show love and be patient and try to see that this behavior must be coming from a deep and unmet need.  My two little ones (4 years and 2 years old) both said, "Oh, I love you.  I sure love you."  It was nice to know that in some small way I am setting a good example for them, a way for them to see that when people lash out what they need most is to know how loved they are.  Love, after all, is something that we choose.  We can choose it every day or every few days.  I need to work on choosing love EVERY MINUTE.  This example showed me that yes, I can do it if I pray a lot and don't give up, and that yes, we can choose love.  Even a two year old can choose love.

Another highlight of the week was BYU heading into the sweet 16 and getting to see my brother for a little while during his brief visit.  This week had a lot of sadness and some tragedy mixed in as well, but I can still see the blessings and the Lord's hand and I can still choose love.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another solution I love

I have been seeking a solution for our laundry room which serves as a walkway in from the garage to the house.  It is more of a narrow hallway than a room.  It is hard enough to get everyone through without pushing and shoving and tracking mud and snow all along the way, much less have a place for coats, backpacks boots and shoes.  My husband spotted these lockers on craigslist (is there such thing as a craigslist giftcard? that would be awesome!)

We paid $ 60 for all of them and took a trip to home depot to allow each family member to pick out their own color.  There is one extra and I chose the color for that one as well as my own.  Can you guess who chose which color?  I am offering a prize of 5 handmade cards to anyone who gets all colors guessed correctly!

Now before each child goes to bed they have their backpack in their locker (with homework in it!) , ready to grab on their way into the van.  Also they can each keep their snowboots, gloves and hat as well as coat or extra shoes in there.  I hang my purse up in mine.  We are all happy with how our own color turned out and it is a great solution to an overcrowded laundry room and coat closet!  On the top of each locker rests our 72 hour kits, packed and ready for each family member should we need them.  I painted metal stackable bins in corresponding colors that now sit inside the shelf in the kitchen with each child's reading logs (we have suffered greatly in the past from losing these a few days before the end of the month and they are part of the reading grade!) and ongoing work, coloring books for the little ones.

Now if only I could get the rest of my life this organized!

sailing on to find an entire night's rest and clear sinuses!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coming Together

This room is ever so slowly coming together.  I have a set of armchairs being recovered that I am waiting for but so far I am really loving how the window thing turned out.  The walls in this room are just so large that I felt I needed to do something with a lot of impact to fill up all the space.  I will show you the whole room when I'm finished in a few weeks but for now here is how the windows turned out:

I'm not liking how the ceilings are all tan but I need to wait unti I can have a day to rent some scaffolding to paint them white.  That won't be happening this month.
The best part about this is that I used things I already had.  I have been collecting windows for a while.  I have another project I really want to do and I need MORE of them!  he he.  The only cost was some strong hangars from home depot and some of my husband's precious time!

What do you think?  I LIKE it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Flying lesson 4

A nothing week.
Well I would like to say that this week I learned a whole lot of really super enlightening things that made me fly.  In fact, I wiped noses, gave extra breathing treatements, went to the doctor, forced in eye drops, held crying children and gave up more sleep.
I sometimes wonder why my children are sick so often and think about how it's not fair.  I have many friends whose children have NEVER been on antibiotic, never had stitches, never been admitted to the hospital.  I don't live in this world.  I have a baby who will most likely be sick every other week for most of his life.  I have 3 children who are asmatic.  I lost count of how many stitches we've had and how many times we've been admitted to the hospital.  Two children (combined) have had 7 surgeries and 11 surgical procedures done.  All of this in 10 years.  I'm tired.  Where was I when strong health was getting handed out?  Ok.  Enough of the pity party.  I just worry and get tired.

I was inspired by what one of my sisters in law wrote on her blog about visiting a war re-enactment.  She said,
 "I wondered yesterday as we listened to musket and cannon fire if I give up too quickly. Do I sometimes think losing a battle means the war is lost? I think I could use some additional  tenacity, innovation and bravery meeting the challenges in my life. "
you can see the entire post here

Let's chalk this week up to a lost battle, but a war that is not over yet.  
Back to sailing and searching... 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


one of the best things about my 4 year old is the questions I receive on a daily basis.  Yesterday it was
"Mom, what is really going on inside your brain?".

The day before
"What happens to your blood when you stand upside down?"
Back to the what is happening inside my brain question - I took that to mean that she is wondering HOW the brain works.   When I told my husband that she asked me that his response was "Did you tell her, I wish I knew!"
I know what is going on inside my brain.  It's just that its so disorganized I can't share it properly!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Flying: Lesson 3

Surround Yourself with what you love.
This past week felt great and terrible all at the same time.  There are some things I really wanted to get done that I did accomplish, mostly because of Kurt's help.  At the same time I felt the full force of being ten years behind on cleaning, laundry, memory keeping, and every other area of my life.  How is it possible to be proud of what you accomplished and disgusted with yourself all within 90 seconds?
This past year I have realized many things about myself; many of which I'm not proud of and need to change.  One of them is that I need to be a much better house keeper and schedule keeper.  I have really been working on staying home all day after I get home from the gym, making sure Clark gets his nap and that the kitchen is clean and ready for dinner.  This part is great.  The bad part about this is the other part of me that is embarassing.  After being home for a while and taking care of some menial tasks I look at the clock and tell myself 'Hey, I don't need to pick the kids up from school for 2 hours!  That is a LONG time. I should do a project really quick'!  Ha.  I know, you are laughing already,  it's true.  It's a sickness.  Yet it's something that keeps me going; keeps me sane, allows me to think through my issues and emotions and gives me a way to express myself.  I'm not saying this is for everyone - it drives most people crazy.  For me, I have come to the conclusing that doing something I love, even for a little while each day, even if it makes a bit of a mess or makes your neighbors raise their eyebrows when they can see the mess inside your garage - well - it just helps.  It makes life less daily and more filled with things that make you happy.  It allows me to fill my surroundings with things I love.  This week I filled my house with a color that makes me happy:  yellow!

I know, you say, what about re-sale?  I'm SO tired of hearing this that I want to cry when I hear those words.  Who knows how long we will live here and I sure don't care who likes it between now and then as long as me and my family are happy and comfortable here.  While I live here I am going to make it mine - and to me that means filling it up with colors, antiques, and things I love.  I'm not sure but I have this hunch that everyone should try it.  Let part of yourself free just a bit and embrace it. It feels good.  I have also been spending little chunks of time creating cards.  I have an amazing friend who opened a boutique with a partner this past fall and she allows me to sell cards in her shop.  I love doing it! I feel like I can express so much just by making a card and I'm pleased with what I have sold so far. It's fun to see how many I can make in 10 or 20 mintues.

My plan for next week is to get a firm cleaning/house keeping schedule in place!
Still in search of those wings,

Friday, March 4, 2011

Door Hangers + today is...

My sister just reminded me.  Today is March 4th.  Which means we all have the reminder that life is about MARCHING FORTH.  I'm so glad she thinks of awesome things like this that I benefit from.  It really is pretty amazing, the idea that a single calendar day can sum up one of the most important attitudes in life!

Just for fun I dressed up these door hangers.  I got them a few months back in a 6 pack at Michaels clearance for 15 cents.  I spent a few minutes dressing them up and I think they are cute.
Again, from my sister I tried a mini version of her dictionary rolled flowers.  Very fun.

Happy Marching!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Under the bed storage...

For spending $5 and about 30 minutes of time I'm pretty happy with how this project worked out.
I got an old suitcase at a garage sale.

Remove the top (I already know what project is happening with that, I'll show you when I'm done).

Then I bought a $4 pack of casters from Home Depot and used Gorilla Glue to stick them to the bottom.  They suggest you clamp it but wheels tend to be difficult to clamp so I just used the suitcase lid to rest on top for weight.

The glue foams and expands and I forgot to come check and wipe off the excess so if you use Gorilla Glue make sure you do that!  Now it fits perfectly under the bed, with a handle to pull to store shoes!
I love it when something works out, don't you?

What projects have you been doing lately?