Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nurture No. 4

I'm so glad this past week is over I don't even have any enthusiasm reporting about it.  I know that sounds bleak but it's where I am at.

Notice needs:  I am getting better at this.  Why is it that it is easier to react softy to a need for a 5 year old than a need that a 12 year old has?  Working on this.

Understanding:  No progress.

Read:  I have made great progress on a book I am listening to on my phone.  I'm also picking up another one on hold at the library tomorrow that I am excited about.  I have been reading a lot more with the children which we both love.  It's funny to see Faye and Clark sit down together and "read" to each other.

Tune In:  I tuned in to some things my heart is trying to tell me this past week and I think that is part of why I felt heavy all week.

Use time wisely:  Because I spent most of this week being sick and trying to rest and get over it I didn't use my time to accomplish much which frustrates me.  I also spent a lot of time taking care of sick children and cleaning up extra messes from sick children being home from school so much.  I am continuing to work on a quilt that is fun for me and I'm ever so thankful for that outlet.

Reach out and show affection:  I am definitely doing a better job of giving hugs.  As I have made an effort to look people in the eye everywhere I go I have noticed how many people will not look you in the eye - it's seems a little strange.  I love it when people look back at me in my eyes too.  I didn't do a good job of acting kinder than I feel at all this week.  Bombed on that one actually.

Energy.  Bomb.

Budget - working on that more and tracking all expense which helps.

It wasn't a super terrible week, just a stuck one.  I was stuck at home.  I know this week will be crazy adding in everything I had to cancel last week from sickness but I better make it happen.  The sun was shining this week which was great so we could spend some time outdoors.  I tacked a few organizing projects around here that needed help desperately and I'm happy with how that worked out.  I'm trying really hard to get rid of things I'm not using and to keep counter tops and desks clean.  I feel so much better when they are!

Sailing On,

Friday, January 25, 2013

Photo Favorite

Even when she is sticky and messy, fussy and sick she is still adorable.  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nurture No. 3

These photos make me so happy.  What I see here is a sweet big brother sharing and helping his baby sister.  That makes me smile.    {photo credits = Madeline}

I noticed a lot of things this week.  As I took the time to notice what was happening around me more I enjoyed more moments.  I was able to see through the bad attitude of an {almost} teenage daughter to see her eyes and her heart; to know that she is exhausted, that she is trying hard, and that this growing up business is tough.

I didn't gain any understanding on my own this week but by having a wonderful conversation with one of my siblings and listening I learned a lot and I'm so thankful for the talk.  I have so much to learn from others if I can just remember to be quiet and listen!  

Reading this year on my own has thus far evaded me completely.  I am reading my scriptures and doing a good job of preparing for sunday school by reading before church.  I took a lot of time to read with the children this week; they love it so much.  Faye loves the books with texture and animals and it is so much fun to snuggle and read with her before I put her down for a nap.  

I feel like I was more tuned in this week than last week.  I listening to some promptings I had that were ever so subtle yet as I acted on them I reaped great results.  I asked myself in the evening why I was feeling so rushed in the evening to get the children tucked in bed and why I wasn't calmly taking time with each of them.  When I changed my paradigm to what they needed rather than what I wanted it all went much smoother. 

This week was such a busy one I hardly had any time to not use wisely!  I was able to connect with some friends and family this week and that was time very well spent.  I continued to work on my sewing projects and am happy with the progress thus far.  

Showing affection is something I am not super at.  I have to continue to tell myself to soften up and give more hugs.  It sounds strange -- it's not hard to do, it just isn't at the top of my list in my head of all that needs doing.  

As far as energy, it was a down week.  I'm feeling uneasy about some issues that I know will eventually resolve but are troubling right how.  I only made it to the gym twice.  My nerve is acting up again.  I did get my veggies in but had way too much sugar.  

One of my best nurturing moments this week came when I saw that Emma had raided my jewelery and makeup to get all dressed up.  Rather than getting after her I stopped myself, told her how beautiful she looked, took a photo, and then kindly explained to her how I feel about her taking my things without asking.  We both had a good laugh and I was able to get my point across without hurting her feelings at all or hearing "you don't even care about me" {which is currently her favorite phrase}.  It was a happy ending, a nurturing success.   She returned everything to it's rightful spot --even the flowers and the high heels.  

Another thing I am working on nurturing is hope.  I'm keeping a gratitude jouranl and I've begun writing again, hoping for things.  It feels good to nurture hope.  It propels us forward and gives energy.

Sailing on,

Friday, January 18, 2013

Photo Favorite

I know I posted this in our stock show post but it is at the top of my photo list right now so I'll repeat it.

And just so you know, my sisters and I have some fun posts on our blog recenlty.  Check it out at Sisterview


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

National Western Stock Show & Rodeo

Saturday we went to the Stock Show and Rodeo.  It was very very cold and we parked as close as we could but even then the kids were sad about the walk back to the car at the end of the day -- they said they couldn't feel their cheeks!

Some friends got us great seats above the chutes at the rodeo and we had a great time watching their son muttin' bust as well.  Christian was reminded of how much fun his muttin' bustin' days were now that he is too old to ride.  Emma was sad that she didn't do it when she saw how tall the trophies were -- 3.5 feet tall!  She is now determinted to do it again this summer and at the stock show next year to get a big trophy.

True to form, Clark plugged his ears through the entire performance.  He has always disliked loud anything and I have got to remember to put a set of ear plugs in my purse for him so I always have them.

We enjoyed looking around at the animals and all the gear for sale.  The children loved the petting zoo -  they brushed the goats and llamas for a long time.  Faye was hilarious; when she was in the petting zoo she was barking at all of the animals in her little high pitched baby voice.  It was making all of the adults laugh.  She is so silly.  She loved being about 10 inches away from the animals and barking at them but if a goat or chicken took a step any closer she would scream and run for me or Kurt.

Savanna got a cowgirl hat. She has been waiting for the past year and a half or so every time we have been to a rodeo or store she hasn't found the one that she thought was just right for her.  The hat she chose is a little large but the exact style she wanted.  I'm impressed by her ability to wait so long to find exactly what she had in mind.

We enjoyed mile high burritos for lunch as we watched the alpacas being shown and getting set up to run through a silly course.  Who knew?
I love the rodeo.  I'm looking forward to spring and summer rodeo season.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nurture No. 1 & 2

I've been so busy trying to start the new year out with my goals that I haven't even been here on the blog to follow up!   Getting the resolutionary challenge started has taken more time than I anticipated but I'm hoping that now it will roll forward without so much attention from me.

I was much more attentive at noticing needs this past two weeks, although I know I did not do a great job of reacting well to filling those needs.  It is frustrating to me to see some of the needs that my children have and to not know exactly how to fill those needs.  The good news is that I am conscious of it and I'm working on it.  I did spend some time with Clark building a few amazing train tracks.

I was able to put my anger aside this past week in a particular situation where I felt hurt and to think about how the other person may be feeling.  This gave me greater understanding and allowed me to see that I needed to not make it a bigger deal than it already was so I let it go.  I need a lot of listening practice and I find myself telling myself all the time to not talk and just try to listen.

I got a few minutes of reading in, but not as much as I would like.  I have been consistent on my scripture reading and just started a new book on audio in the car that I am excited about.  I have made a very conscious effort to read with the children and it is interesting to see how even when I am reading a very elementary picture book to the younger children that the older ones like to join in as well.  It's a happy experience.

I need a lot of work on tuning in.  I can't say I made any progress here.

I have been consistent thus far on having my creative time each day.  My sisters and I have made a project list that we are helping each other be accountable for and it is so fun to be working with them on our blog, Sisterview, as well as the quilt along and other projects.  Sisters make everything so much more fun.  It's a shame it takes all of childhood to figure this out, I keep telling Madeline and Savanna this but they don't believe me.  Kurt and I were able to take 4 of the 6 children out individually in the past 10 days and I love how important they felt.  I can tell this is a big deal to them and they need it.

I did a good job of asking my children when they were acting out this past week "do you need a hug".  More often than not, the answer came back and subdued, 'yes'.  Acting kinder than I feel is hard to do, and I intend to practice more fervently this week.

My energy this year so far has been pretty good.  I have a love/hate relationship with all of those sore muscles I have since I am back with my exercise routine.  I'm happy to be strengthening them again yet sad to see how far I've regressed since the car accident.  I'm hoping to get this nerve issue in my shoulder/arm/neck resolved so I can use my right arm normally again very soon.

I'm on the lookout for a great piece of jewelry to create with my word on it so I carry it with me each day.  I like the idea of having it with me all day long so I can stay focused in on it.

The budget plan is in it's very beginning stages but at least the conversation is open and things are getting written down.  We are frustrated with -- it can never stay up to date with our accounts -- but I'm not sure what else is really out there to use.  Any suggestions?

Ballet started again ( for Emma), I'm looking forward to spring recital.  Faye is talking up a storm -- trying to say all kinds of words.  I love it when the older children translate her words to whatever it is that they want to hear, it is pretty funny.  She is also doing silly things like trying to suck on the inside parts of the dishwasher, carrying around purses, bibs, or anything circular that can go around her arm, and climbing onto chairs, stools and anything else that will make her taller so she can reach up and pull items off the table or counter.

 Emma is working on going to school more frequently and told me the other day that while at school having a hard time on the playground she told herself "Emma, I got this."  She cracks me up.  She wants a huge birthday party at Monkey Bizness for her birthday next month.  She really really wishes that she had a mother who threw huge birthday parties at said location.  Sadly, she does not have that mother.

Madeline is dutifully exchanging her earrings each day for different style and loves it.  She has so much enthusiasm for her YW church group and is working hard to perform her duties.

It's easy to get bogged down in all that I don't get done.  Then I remember, hey, I got this!  Just kidding, that's Emma's line.  Seriously, though, I remind myself that there is more to life than any 1 thing we try to focus on.  And it's the whole person that I'm interested in -- not just one part of it.

Sailing On,

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Nurture is the word for the new year.
Last week I sat down with each of my children as they picked out a word for the new year.  They then filled in what each letter stood for and we attached some rewards and measurements.  It was interesting to see what words they chose and why they chose them.  I have been able to give them reminders just by mentioning their word.  Oh, and since they know my word they often remind me of mine as well.  Children are good like that.

Here is how my word breaks down:

Notice the needs.  Notice what I can see but isn't being said and act on it.  Notice what I can do to improve my surroundings.  Notice when someone needs a hug and offer it.

Understanding -- take time to listen for understanding and not accuracy.  Work to understand the important people in my life to a great degree.  Listen, listen, listen.

Read.   12 books this year -- at least one each month, 100% scripture study this year.  Read lessons for church during the week.  Read to sharpen my mind and learn new concepts.  Read with the children every day.

Tune in.  Tune into my surroundings, be present in the moment.  Tune in to the important people in my life and don't rush through moments that matter.  Tune into my body and how it is feeling.  Tune into my taste buds and taste my food - only eat when I'm hungry!  Tune into what my soul is saying.

Use time wisely.  Spend at least 15 minutes in a creative exercise each day.  Spend time supporting and listening to those that I love.  Take the children out on dates individually with Kurt and me.  Use the time I get to myself to refuel so I don't run on empty.

Reach out and show affection.  Look everyone in the eye - give hugs.  Ask how the children are doing and be prepared to listen to what I hear.  Reach out and serve others.  Act kinder than I feel.

Energy - have good energy and give off positive energy.  This will be done by taking good care of my body.  7 servings of fruits and veggies each day, exercise at least 4 days at week for 1 hour, drink water and move away from sugar.  Use my energy to be consistent and follow through.

I've had this post in process for 2 weeks now.  Funny, I recenlty saw one of my sister's blogs and saw that she did the same thing with breaking down her words.  We must be on the same vibe!

I really like the word nurture and I'm determined to make improvements this year.  I feel like I will be more successful by being more specific about my goals.  The other goal that is major but not on this list is all about budgeting and saving.  I'll be tracking that separately.
I hope your goals are written down and specific as well.  The year will pass either way -- we may as well become better in the process, right?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Do you sew?

If you do I hope you will join me as I follow my sister over at Hopeful Homemaker in this quilt-a-long. I am excited to learn more as I do this beautiful quilt.  Join us!

Scrappy Swoon Along


Friday, January 4, 2013

Photo Favorite

One of my new year's resolutions is to be more consistent in things that matter.  I am able to make plenly of reasons about why this blog matters {to me} so I  want to make sure I post often and record more candid moments with my family.  Today we spent a delightful day together in Breckenridge.  Savanna was born to do all things outside; snow, water, ice, grass, mud, you name it and she is in.  Today was no exception.  She would have stayed for another 10 hours if there was light.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This year...

As I am fine tuning my goals and desires for the new year I thought this was a great reminder.  We can plan and make goals but it is always important to remember who is ultimately in charge.