Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I'm that person who loves to be home in my own bed with my own space to take care of our family in.  I wonder if I will feel differently when we don't have a baby and don't have young children who have a hard time understanding that we can't just 'take them home to their own bed really quick'.  Maybe I will but for now I am definitely a home body.  Home, where everyone has a bed and a special blanket and where there is a bathtub for babies.  Another reason why I think I am so attached to being at home is that I can face anthing when I am home.  I can deal with sickness and pain and I can fall back on what conforts.  When I'm away I wonder how to meet those same needs when I am not surrounded by the familiar and the known.  It sounds silly now that I am typing it out but it's true. I will be interested to see if I feel differently 10 years from now when the children are older and a lot more self sufficient.  
The fourth of July this year was the first time since we have been married that we have been out of town for the 4th and the first time in my life we didn't see fireworks!  It was fun and different.  
Christian and Savanna both rode in the kids rodeo and were able to ride on cows and I had no idea that they would buck like that!  It was amazing.  We enjoyed the small town parade and mini ice cream cones for breakfast!  The day turned hot and we had a long wait for Savanna and Christian to ride.   We wished for rain but that didn't come until later at night we got rained out at the rodeo.  A wet crying baby is enough to send me away in a hurry. 

We had a great time seeing family.  I love watching the cousins play together and make lasting memories.  
Keeping with tradition, Clark came down with croup {this happens every time I forget to bring the nebulizer. }  I was praying all night that we wouldn't have to take him to urgent care; thankfully we were able to get him in a hot steamy shower and have hime take some medicine and get it under control until we got back home to his usual inhalers and nebulizers and meds.  I worry about him so much and wonder what effect long term this challenges will continue to have on his life.  I think about what a miracle baby he has been and what a huge blessing it is that he is alive and active today. When I look at pictures on his tiny 10 pound body when he was one year old I feel so thankful that he was able to get the medicial attention he needed to allow him to survive and grow.  And then I wonder if he will always feel like his health is holding him back from everything he wants to do as he grows older and I hope not.  He sure doesn't seem to slow down on his own so maybe this is the way his body tells him to take it easy.  I sure love him and feel so thankful every day that we still have him with us.  

Being a parent is such an interestring adventure.  Most of the time I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong but all of the time I'm doing my best and giving it my 100 percent from deep in my soul.  
Sailing On,