Thursday, June 4, 2009

Savanna is 7 and other Funny Things

Well, here I am behind on life.  AGAIN!  How did that happen?  ha ha ha. 
Savanna is now seven.  She is so sweet and cute.  She loves her new skateboard and had a great birthday.  I have now officially adopted the even/odd year birthday party policy: 
You may have birthday parties with friends on even years only, beginning at four years old.  On odd years you may invite ONE friend over to play and have a family party {of course!}.  
Glad we got that into writing.  It is a necessity around here!  whew.  So.  Savanna had her friend Alana come over - they played in the backyard and sprinklers all day and had a blast together.  Savanna requested a layered cake with filling and lots of frosting so that's what she got!  H
 birthday dinner of favorite foods included:  Egg Souffle, watermelon (cut into triangles!), french bread and corn on the cob.  An interesting combination but hey, it was her birthday and she was the boss!  When she opened her new umbrella she said "Awesome, it's waterproof!"  so silly. 
In keeping with tradition we all went around and said what
 we love about Savanna.  Some things that were said: 
- She is fun and shares with others.
- Savanna likes to be helpful
- Savanna keeps us smiling and having fun
- Savanna is an excellent reader and thinker
I love Savanna and am so happy that she is mine!  :)  

Now that Savanna's birthday is past Christian knows his is the next birthday to be celebrated so he continues to march around calling himself the 'birthday boy' because he is the next birthday.  I keep reminding him that even though he does not have another sibling's day to celebrate between now and then, October 1st is still 4 MONTHS AWAY!  ha!  

Emma found some cookies in the cupboard (I did NOT buy them, I think store-bought cookies are a disgrace to cookie makers across the world:) and for a few days until they were gone (whew!) she was filling up ziplocks with them, stacking them on her lunch plate, and generally carrying around a few with her to nibble on at all times.  (they lasted so well through all of this because those chips ahoy matey whatevers resemble something more like cardboard than actual food).  When I finally got a picture of her with a pile I asked her Emma why do you need so MANY cookies all at once?  To which she replied 
"Well.... {pause}  Mom.... {pause}..... I WANT them! "

ah.  the simplicity of two year old thought patterns.  I want, therefore, I have.  If only it were that simple.  Another amazing talent of Emma's has recently emerged: 
The ability to fall into a deep sleep in many places, NONE of which include her own bed:
Now that school is out (jump for joy!) Madeline is even more of a reading machine.  We are on a first name basis with the staff at the local bookmobile.  She has a very cute new haircut and is super helpful around the house.   The two of us love to sneak away for a few minutes here and there to create something fun in the scrapbook room when we can.  We frequently do not see eye to eye on the constant re-arranging of her bedroom furniture (is it REALLY necessary that it changes EVERY day?), and that is where cooling off and reading quietly on your bed comes into play ever so nicely!  Madeline is officially growing up and no one even asked me if that is ok!
The not so funny thing about Clark is that he is a MAJOR momma's boy.  Which is really sweet, mostly.  Except for when he needs me ALL THE TIME, even if I am 2 feet away and he was happy until he saw me and remembered that I was not holding him, which reminds him that once again he must be in my arms at ALL times, most especially when I am attempting to take a shower, clean the house, or sit down to eat a meal.  I love that he will snuggle up to me and since he is still in the 9 pound range he is easy to hold; however, he is really spoiled!  He has these very expressive eyebrows that are amazing for a child his age - he shows his emotion clearly at all times!

We are heading out tomorrow on our Utah/Idaho adventure to visit family and friends.  I have felt for some time now that I need this adventure to re-connect with people I love and learn from them.  If you are anywhere in Utah or Idaho this month please!  Email me or leave a message here!  Let's meet up and go to the park! 

I better get to bed - tomorrow this ship sails!