Monday, October 9, 2017

About Time

It's true what they say about time -- the days can seem long and then the years and months can fly so quickly.  Seasons come back around again and I continue to try to navigate the growing of myself along side the growing up of my children.  Before I was a mother I thought that somehow in the very act of becoming a mother I would have this massive stream of knowledge come to me that would instantly bestow wisdom.  *Insert disappointment :)*

Even in motherhood, as in all things, wisdom comes from time, experience, meditation and prayer.  Knowledge comes from study, time, mistakes, and failure.  Trail and Error.  I am so grateful for the children I have who have helped me in this way.  They teach me much more than I teach them.  Like the flowers in my garden who continue to work towards blooming even up until the moment it snows, they strive and press forward taking risks and bravely putting themselves forward even until the moment they sometimes fail.  And then they try again.  They are strong, resilient and kind.  They are awesome.
They are also the most beautiful photography subjects:)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy 2017

Apparently I stopped blogging at some point last year and I am not sure exactly why.
I always love a fresh start and a new beginning.  To me, January 1 is just a reminder that EVERY day can be a fresh start and a new beginning.

I wish you the very best New Year!