Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Clark is 6 weeks old today!

"We are not at home in time, for we belong to eternity."
I am not sure where I read that statement and today I feel it is so true! I seem to always be wishing time would either speed up or slow down. I wish my children would grow past a certain stage more quickly or remain small longer (Clark for sure!) I am so thankful for Clark and so far it has been wonderful having him join our family. Does that mean I love the sleepless nights and the weight gain? NOPE, not at all. But, I LOVE HIM! I love Clark and I am thankful he is mine. He has already grown so much - he has gone from this:
To this:

I have much to be thankful for yet sometimes it is so hard for me to rem ember that list and instead the list of what I want to change or have more of stays in the forefront of my mind.

Quote for the day today is by Savanna
"Does anyone want to go out and chill with me in the sun?"
Apparently a mild December day in Colorado calls for a popsicle and basking in the sun! After only about 2 minutes of her and Christian chilling in the sun they came inside and asked for hot chocolate! made me laugh!

Lastly, Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year to everyone! I know I am slightly biased, but I think our Christmas card (gone digital) is pretty darn cute! My kids love to read the book "Tumble Bumble" by Felicia Bond and one part reads "and tippy-toeing on fourteen feet" so I have thought about those fourteen feet that make up my family and I wanted to do something about 14 feet. This is what I came up with!

Here is a fun photo of all the family members who were with us on the 27th for Madeline's baptism and Clark's baby blessing.

And these are my kids with their cousins Gabby and JakeMadeline with Grandma and Grandpa Sheffield

Kurt and I with Clark

Saturday, December 27, 2008

First ever Blog Post!

The kids are all tucked in bed after a week of fun, plenty of sugar, excitement, gifts from Santa, and not much sleep!

So I take this opportunity of having a bit of time to myself to start a blog and make a greater effort to be connected to family and friends near and far.  

Some time ago I read about the captain of a ship and his journal entries throughout a long voyage.  He would describe the difficulties encountered and obstacles that had been overcome and always ended with,  'This day we sailed on'.  A lot of days that is about all I can say at the end of the day.  To say the past 13 months of my life have been extremely difficult for me is a understatement.  Yet I am here, and each day we have sailed on.  

This Christmas season I have experienced so many emotions yet right now the overriding emotion of it all I would have to say is gratitude.  Gratitude for the angels here on the earth who have shared their love and generosity with me and my family and who have blessed my life.  I will NOT have any difficulty waving goodbye to 2008!  
Today has been a wonderful day, with the baby blessing of my new son Clark and the Baptism of my oldest daughter Madeline.  I have been gathered with family and friends and had a wonderful day.  
And We Sailed On!