Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 43

I almost forgot to take our photo on Sunday because it was raining after church.  It's a dark one but we got it .

ps.  Can you believe it is the 43rd week of the year?
Sailing on,

Monday, October 19, 2015

Beach Magic

How could I have forgotten how magical the beach is? 
We skipped our beach trip last year for unforseen reasons and I am SO happy we went this year, even though we waited until October to do it.  It was AMAZING.
The water was the warmest I have ever felt it.  The waves were powerful and beautiful.  The beach was open and unpopulated; just the way we like it best.  We are so blessed to have these memories. 

Sheffield loved the sand, the waves, and especially the sea gulls.  He spent hours chasing them around and it was so funny to watch.  He would even get down and crawl toward them, growling.
We had the chance to drive down to the San Diego temple which is so beautiful!  The children were not thrilled about the drive yet Kurt really wanted to take them there and I love that he felt like that was important.  It was closed because we went on Sunday but we loved exploring the grounds.  

Richard came out with James and Andrew for 2 days and it was awesome to have counsins to play with us at the beach.  Nothing better. 

I always find myself feeling self conscious at the beach and this year was no exception.  I felt frustrated with myself that I haven't worked to get back in shape since Sheffield was born.  The good thing I guess is that I refused to hide my body and I played with my family on the beach and came home with some solid goals about doing a better job of fitting exercise back into my life.  That has been the hardest thing for me since we began our homeschooling journey.  

Kurt is such a great sport to allow the children to bury him in the sand and they love it.  Sheffield thought it was pretty funny that all he could see of his Dad was his head.  He gave us some funny looks!  Seeing this photo again just reminds me how much we had the beach to ourselves! 
I'ts a good thing that taking a family photo every week this year has cured me of thinking we will ever have the "perfect" one.  Now I go for the photo and not perfection.  So many life lessons right there:). 
The Balboa Candy Shop did not disappoint, as usual.  When I see this picture all I can think of is 'Like a kid in a candy store'.  He loved it so much he tasted one wrapper and all.  Another huge highlight of the trip for the children is that cable tv was available at the beach house which they have never in their lives experienced at home.  Watching the MLB games and two BYU football games, both with great wins, was a fun thing for the whole familiy.  As to the other shows the children wanted to watch, leaving that tv behind is one thing that helped me say my final goodbyes and finally I was willing to leave!  
Until next time... oh Newport Beach we love you.  
Thanks again, Grandpa Gill.  
Sailing On, 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


There just isn't anything better than family.  I love having different family members in our home any time.  These relationships brighten up our life so much.  I am loving this photo of Sheffield with his cousin, James.  I am so thankful that I get to witness these sweet moments watching these cousins interact with each other.
I've tried to have the door to our home open as much as possible to children of all ages and from many different families.  I love that they feel comfortable here and that they know they are welcome. These boys feel like an extension of our family; we love them so much.  They are funny and creative, helpful and so very sweet with the little ones. 
I feel Blessed. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

One year old

The interesting thing about watching your children grow up is that while the days sometimes seem very long the years go by in a flash.  It really does feel like I just had him and BAM!  He is one year old!  I'm not sure how to deal in real time very well.  If you ask me about all the events that took place this past Friday, for example {just 3 days ago} I will have to really think about it because so much has happened in the days in between so as to make it feel that Friday was much more than three days ago.  Yet when you ask me about May when we began summer and the pool opened I would say it seems like that just barely happened.

This was so cute and funny; before he did anything to the cake Sheffield very slowly dipped one finger in the frosting and then tasted it.  After that he dug right in! 

One thing I love the most about celebrating my children's birthdays is watching how much joy it brings to their siblings to watch them celebrate.  The older children were so happy about him being able to eat his cake and about him opening a few gifts.  It's so sweet and pure and fun to see.  

One thing I have repeatedly thought this past week is this; parenting is not for the faint hearted.  

There is so much more on my heart to say but we are off to the horse barn! 
Sailing On, 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Beginning Again

August beat me up pretty bad.  I felt used up, chewed, and spit out.  I considered quitting a lot of things that I'm trying to do but I'm here to say I will begin again.  The end.
Sailing On,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I'm that person who loves to be home in my own bed with my own space to take care of our family in.  I wonder if I will feel differently when we don't have a baby and don't have young children who have a hard time understanding that we can't just 'take them home to their own bed really quick'.  Maybe I will but for now I am definitely a home body.  Home, where everyone has a bed and a special blanket and where there is a bathtub for babies.  Another reason why I think I am so attached to being at home is that I can face anthing when I am home.  I can deal with sickness and pain and I can fall back on what conforts.  When I'm away I wonder how to meet those same needs when I am not surrounded by the familiar and the known.  It sounds silly now that I am typing it out but it's true. I will be interested to see if I feel differently 10 years from now when the children are older and a lot more self sufficient.  
The fourth of July this year was the first time since we have been married that we have been out of town for the 4th and the first time in my life we didn't see fireworks!  It was fun and different.  
Christian and Savanna both rode in the kids rodeo and were able to ride on cows and I had no idea that they would buck like that!  It was amazing.  We enjoyed the small town parade and mini ice cream cones for breakfast!  The day turned hot and we had a long wait for Savanna and Christian to ride.   We wished for rain but that didn't come until later at night we got rained out at the rodeo.  A wet crying baby is enough to send me away in a hurry. 

We had a great time seeing family.  I love watching the cousins play together and make lasting memories.  
Keeping with tradition, Clark came down with croup {this happens every time I forget to bring the nebulizer. }  I was praying all night that we wouldn't have to take him to urgent care; thankfully we were able to get him in a hot steamy shower and have hime take some medicine and get it under control until we got back home to his usual inhalers and nebulizers and meds.  I worry about him so much and wonder what effect long term this challenges will continue to have on his life.  I think about what a miracle baby he has been and what a huge blessing it is that he is alive and active today. When I look at pictures on his tiny 10 pound body when he was one year old I feel so thankful that he was able to get the medicial attention he needed to allow him to survive and grow.  And then I wonder if he will always feel like his health is holding him back from everything he wants to do as he grows older and I hope not.  He sure doesn't seem to slow down on his own so maybe this is the way his body tells him to take it easy.  I sure love him and feel so thankful every day that we still have him with us.  

Being a parent is such an interestring adventure.  Most of the time I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong but all of the time I'm doing my best and giving it my 100 percent from deep in my soul.  
Sailing On, 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Sunday

I'm not sure where June flew off to.  Time is a funny thing; the way it moves so quickly or slowly.  The way I've been feeling about time reminds me of this quote by Neal A. Maxwell:

Neal A. Maxwell

“Time is clearly not our natural dimension. Thus it is that we are never really at home in time. Alternately, we find ourselves wishing to hasten the passage of time or to hold back the dawn. We can do neither, of course, but whereas the fish is at home in water, we are clearly not at home in time--because we belong to eternity.”

I'm glad that this family of mine belongs to eternity as well.  It may take eternity for me to get myself all ironed out and overcome my weaknesses as well.

June brought an unexpected trip to Utah and Idaho that was fast, memorable, and every bit worth our time.

I loved seeing my little Faye talk with my Aunt Fay whom she was named after.  There are no words to describe the happiness that I felt deep in my soul.

Spending time with my sister and her husband whom we adore was amazing as well.  We loved helping to pass out flyers for thier fundraiser to help with their pursuit of adopting a child.  If you want to hear more about their story you can check it out here: 

Watching the children explore and play around the barn with their counsins at Aunt Fay and Uncle Bob's house was amazing.  It confirmed in my  heart the great desire I have to create such a place for my grandchildren to do the same.  It was a delight to catch my sister and some of her children in Idaho Falls and to be able to see them for a few hours. 

And here we are back at home getting ready for another trip to Utah! 

Sailing On, 

Saturday, June 13, 2015


I'm not sure how I'm having such a difficult time keeping up with things that pass but I think it may have something to do with abundance in my life.  I am abundantly blessed.  I have an abundance of things running in my mental need to do list on a hourly basis and so many blessings associated with those items.  We have an excessive amount of fun around here and when I look back through photos it is difficult for me to really process all the awesome experiences we are able to have on a continual basis.
Yes, Kurt and I are hard workers with big dreams who plan and work to make these things happen.  But this is only a very small part of it.  Ultimately I have to acknowledge the massive blessings from my Father in Heaven that flow to us continually that make most parts of life so joyful.

A quick list for my records:
1 week spent in Aspen with dear friends exploring and loving being together
An awesome fishing trip to Basalt Reservoir where everyone caught a fish

Finding the John Denver Sanctuary Park in Aspen

A fun graduation party with Clint & Ashley to celebrate her finishing Med school where we did a photo booth and face painting.  The lady in charge of face paint told me our children were her favorite that she had every worked with.  I loved it.

A fun Memorial Day barbecue inside because of pouring rain
Two birthday parties at Grandma and Grandpa Sheffield's house with Pinatas for cousins

Celebrating Savanna's birthday with the saran wrap candy ball... another teenager in the house

Many Many rain and hail storms with the children playing in the gutters and splashing in puddles

Getting the shaved ice stand up and running for 2015
Kurt framing up the new bedroom in the basement and getting excited about the possibilities!
Swimming in the rain with the sun still shining
Sheffield began crawling and going all the way up the stairs 3 days later.  Now standing on furniture
Taking Sheffield to the horse barn with us for the first time

Madeline's 2 week trip to Utah for EFY and visiting family
Emma's fun dance recital with Jazz and Ballet

Kurt finished building the trellis in the garden for the new grape vines!
Having the coldest and most rainy May in Colorado in 40 years!

 Laughing hysterically over the things that Faye said lately:  calling me kissalicious; telling Clark that he is "not permissioned for these pants" when he told her not to draw on them with pen.. Also when she says no she says "No please."  She is constantly cracking us up.

Two teeth for Sheffield!
A week long Pony Camp for Madeline, Savanna, and Emma
Elizabeth Rodeo & Parade with Clark Muttin Bustin

Recently I have been feeling really thoughtful by the over privilege that my children experience.  They will never know what it is like to wonder if they are loved or cared for or where their next meal will come from.  They cannot possibly understand how so many others in the world live struggling for daily sustenance; as I will not understand either because I too have always been well cared for.   Don't get me wrong; I do not wish for any of us to have to go through feeling that way or not having the essentials of life.  Pondering on it has just made me feel especially grateful for the life that we live and that is what I am trying to express and hoping to teach them.  Again and again I need to re-learn the lesson that life is so much more enjoyable when I am focused on what I DO have; what is around me that is lovely and fun and fulfilling.  It's such a better way to live than to look at others and see that they have things I don't have. 
The truth is; there is abundance all around me.  I'm thankful that blessings are what keep me busy! 
Sailing On,